Sunday, April 25, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Tball?

Yesterday was Opening Day for baseball,  its always a fun morning but its not fun being ready and being there by 8:30am.  Though I can't complain I had a couple friends who had to have their kids there by 8, yuck.  I'm so not a morning person...

Here are some pics from the opening day ceremonies....First I'd like to apologize for the crappy quality of my pics, my camera does not take good far way shots. 

This was all of the teams lining up on one field.  They ran across to the other field as they were announced.  Logan is with the orange shirt team, the Orioles. 

Logans team taking the big field!  I believe  Logan is the second kid in the shot.

As a part of Opening Day, they also do the team pictures.  Logan is in the back the first one on the left. 

After we were through with opening day, we headed back home, I dropped the boys off and went into work for a few hours.  I normally work every other Saturday and it just happened to be my day to work but luckily the other girl worked the first few hours for me so I could go to baseball.  It was a pretty uneventful day after that.  The boys and I went to lunch with my mom and then we just came home and hung out until Logan's game at 5.  

 I did take some pics at the game but they came out pretty bad, I'm going to try to get some better ones at this weeks game.  He's doing pretty well in tball this year and seems to be enjoying it more.  I hope its something he gets into and excels at.  I was never involved in any sort of team or sports when I was growing and always wished I was.  I'm not really sure why I wasn't, I guess I was just really shy.  When I was younger the thought of being out there on a field in front of other people with them watching me just scared the crap out of me.  Then by the time I got to high school and was semi better about it I felt stupid joining stuff because everyone was pretty tight since they had grown up playing these sports together.  Somehow I don't think either of my kids will have this problem, they are not shy one bit!

I just want to thank all of my new followers from the Friday Follow.  I think I followed everyone back, if I missed you please let me know!!


  1. I can't wait till my son is old enough to participate in something...He really loves kicking the ball, so I'm afraid I might be a soccer mom in the making (Eww Did I just say that?! LOL) but I'm hoping for Tae Kwon Do, as it is part of his culture (He is Korean). I hope my little guy isn't shy...I was just as you were---too shy for that myself, but I hope to encourage him to try anything/everything he wants!

  2. that's great that this year logan is doing better and is enjoying tball more probably because he gets it now. :)