Saturday, April 3, 2010

Super Busy Easter Weekend.

Today was the start of our Easter festivities.  It started bright and early this morning with an egg hunt at the local high school.   This was Cole's first 'real' egg hunt, for some reason we didn't go to any last year.  It was actually really nice, it wasn't very crowded and the parents all pretty much backed off and left the kids have at it.  They were split up according to ages so I stayed with Cole at the smaller field while Ryan took Logan to the older kids field.  At the 2-4 year olds field they had 2,000 eggs spread out and there might have been about 50 kids (if that) there so Cole made out pretty good.  Though he really didn't understand the point at first but once he got the hang of it he was grabbing handfuls of them to put in his basket. 
I just realized this is the only picture I got of Cole at the egg hunt.  I couldn't figure out how to snap pictures, hold a basket and point him in the right direction.

Now I feel really bad because this is the only picture I got of Logan at the egg hunt.  He's way off in the distance in the center.  He did awesome though, his basket was overflowing with eggs, so much so that Ryan said he had to stop because he couldn't fit anymore into the basket.  After the hunt we had to go and empty out the eggs to see if he got one of the prize eggs. Cole and Ryan were already in the prize line because the Easter Bunny that was walking around gave Cole a special prize ticket.  So Logan and I picked a spot out of the way and started the long process of snapping open the eggs and emptying them out.  I must say this year was a lot better, normally they don't put very good candy in the eggs, its a lot of taffy, starburst type candy which my kids don't normally like and its not even the starburst kind its the knock off kind that taste like plastic.  This year we got alot of coupons to local restaurants for kids meals and stuff.  Not just kid restaurants either, it was the nicer local steakhouse places.  My kids actually like going there but its rather pricey and we usually only get to go there once a year.  As we were going through the eggs, I dumped on into the basket thinking it was candy but when it made a funny noise I looked down and it was a green colored of the elusive prize eggs!  So we went and waited in line...I wasnt' sure how they were giving out prizes because there were an awful lot of people waiting and alot of little things being given out, books, stuffed animals that kind of stuff.  Not to sound ungrateful or anything the books would have been fine we love books here but I was praying it was not another stuffed animal...I swear those things breed, we have a million of them.   So we finally get up to the table and they start making a big deal when Logan says he has a green cube.  Then they pull this out of  a box behind them....
It is the Toy Story 3 in 1 playset. He was pretty excited about it and I was too, I almost got it for him for Christmas, so glad I didn't now!   After he won that he got to get his picture taken with the Easter bunny because he won it.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of that too but I just wasn't thinking. 

After we left there, we went home for a little while and then headed to my fil's house for Easter dinner there with my sil her family, fil, his wife, her son and parents and fils parents.  I have more pictures and stories from that but I think I will save them for a later day, I don't want to overwhelm you with pictures all at once ;) 

On the knitting front I'm having major issues.  I was working on my monkey socks the other day and my yarn would not come out of my center pull ball anymore.  It kept getting hung up and snagged on itsself.   So I had the bright idea to rewind it from the outside well that just made an even bigger mess.  So right now its in a time out.  Last night I started working on my Multnomah and I ended up having the same issue with that.  I'm almost finished with the shawl and want to get it DONE.  So I started rewinding that from the outside too and made another HUGE mess.  I tried for about an hour or more to get it fixed to no avail.  I ended up having to cut it and rejoin it to the non messed up ball.  I have no idea whats going on.  Any ideas?  Could it be my winder or just something that I'm doing wrong in the winding process? I didn't get the chickens finished for the boys baskets.  I have one almost done but there is no way I'm going to get the other one done and in the basket for tomorrow, maybe I'll give one to Cole and make Logans later I don't know...
I'm just not feeling the knitting love right now.  I'm at a loss as what to work on, I'm not finding anything that I really really want to make.  I need to find some things soon so I can take a shopping list along to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!!

Well we have another busy day tomorrow, Easter with my family and visiting with more of Ryan's!


  1. Great pictures! Following from MBC

  2. sorry to hear about the knitting fiascos. it just sounds like everyone needs a time out. it's okay. it happens to the best of us. that is SO cool that they give away prizes at your easter egg hunt!