Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grocery Shopping Adventure


Its been a crazy busy week here.  We've been busy with t ball practice and playing outside.  By the time we come in at night its bedtime and I've been crashing right along with the boys most nights.

Last Sunday, for some strange reason, I decided to take both boys with me to the grocery store.  Yeah I know what was I thinking?  Normally Cole and I go during the week when Logan is in school.  By last Sunday though I was at the point I just couldn't wait any longer.  I didn't think Ryan would really have enjoyed a lunch of soy sauce, ketchup and the tupperware container of unrecognizable leftovers.  So off we went.  I would have left the boys with Ryan but I kind of like the company (I don't think I'll ever say that again!)  and he was busy mowing and working on his garden. 

On the way there I had a talk with them (more so Logan) and explained that I was not buying every little thing that he sees and no junk.  Also for some strange reason he feels the need to touch EVERYTHING in any store we go into.  It drives me insane.  I'm waiting for the day the huge display of apples comes crashing down. 

We walk in the door and Cole immediatley starts screaming for a donut which is of course at the complete opposite end of the store, I was not heading there first.  I knew I wouldn't be able to keep him from eating it and I'm just weird about my kids eating things before we pay for them, I'm afraid they'll accuse me of shoplifting.  So we get through the first few aisles, all the while Cole is still demanding a donut and getting louder with each demand.   All the while I'm trying to calm him down and distract him with toys from my bag and my coupons to no avail.  Then all of a sudden Logan chimes in with his own rendition of Sugarland's song All I Want To Do.  If you don't know the song, go, listen to it now and you will see just how annoying hearing the chorus sung over and over and over again, its the only part he knows.  This was all mixed in with Cole still shouting, by this time, for his donut.  I am still trying to get them both to stop. 

Then came the dirty looks from people.  I understand they were annoying, I get it believe me.  But I mean come on, especially from the other women that had to have had some children in their lives, either their own or grandchildren.  Yeah I know everyone always says if your kids aren't behaving in a store to just let your cart sit and leave until they learn to behave correctly.  Thats great and all but going to the grocery store for me isn't a quick little 5 minute drive from my house, its an easy 25 min one way for me.  I have to gather enough motivation to go there when I absolutely have to I'm not leaving in the middle of getting things only to have to go back the next day.  Obviously I would have handled the situation differently if they were having full on meltdowns in the middle of the aisle but they weren't. 

We eventually got out of the grocery store but I forgot pretty much half of the things I needed, though you couldn't tell by how much I spent...

When we got home I told Ryan that I was never again taking both boys to the grocery store again, no matter what.  Next time he can pack the soy sauce, ketchup and mystery leftovers for his lunch or he can take the boys to the grocery store by himself.


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  2. you poor dear. i have a tendency of touching nearly everything too so don't count on that disappearing anytime soon. i'm not too keen on eating/drinking stuff before i have paid for it either but people do it ALL the time nowadays. i think before it might have been a big deal but now, no one seems to are anymore. i did it once and felt horrible though. lol. i didn't want the clerks thinking, "she couldn't just wait until she got out of the store to eat this??" :P