Thursday, June 2, 2011

Technology Sucks.

Sometimes I absolutely HATE technology.   Like right now I have a bunch of pictures to upload for this post and of course I cannot for the life of me get my computer and my camera to 'talk' to each other.  Wtf is that all about?  Did they have a fight?   Did the computer get mad because I replaced my old camera with a newer model?  

Who knows.  Sometimes things that are made to make our lives so much 'easier' actually make them more complicated.   Like the last 30 minutes I've wasted sitting here trying to get it figured out.


Sometimes I miss the old days when I could just drop my roll of film off and get it back in a few days. 

But then I wouldn't be sitting here 'talking' to you either, right? 

At least I got this one  to upload before I gave up  ... Ugh!!  Now I can't even to get it to center   on the page the right way!!!!


We had a pretty good weekend.   It was nice having a long weekend for once.   We spent Sunday going to some cookouts.   Monday the boys and I went strawberry picking with my sister in law.  Of course I forgot my camera, though it doesn't  matter much anyway considering apparently my computer and camera aren't on speaking terms at the moment.  

I have some knitting pictures to upload as well.   I finished my Bakersfield!!  I can't wait to get it blocked, its been on my list for a few weeks now.  I'm a little 'nervous' to do it though.  It will be the first 'big' item I've done on own.   Hopefully I can get it finished this weekend.   I've also got far on a sunhat I'm making for my mom. Its  this the yarn was part of my haul from sheep & wool. I'm also going to be participating in the True Blood rav groups' KAL for this season.  I'm hoping Vlad wins I bought yarn to make it at The Sanguine Gryphon at sheep & wool even before it was up for the KAL. 

I've also had 4 more pieces from jewelmint show up in the past few days.  Not to mention the 3 more I purchased when the June showcase premeired yesterday.  Here is a picture of todays loot.  This is Daphne.  I almost didn't buy her because I just wasn't sure.  Then one day I had a pretty good discount code and figured what the heck.  I am so glad I did.  I think she will be one of my most worn and fave pieces. 

That was probably my one bright spot today.  

I went on an outing to pick strawberries (again) with my MOPS group.  I almost wasn't going to be able to go because I was going into work.  This week was a short week for me with having Monday off, then Logan was sick Monday night so I didn't go in Tuesday either.   Anyway, I decided to go this morning with the group and then go into work.  

Cole and I are at the field and we no sooner get up there and I can tell he's just not into it.   He wouldn't go play with the other kids while I picked and he wouldn't even help me pick. He would just follow me and plop down in the middle of a row.  After about 30 minutes he wanted to go NOW.   I was so afraid he was getting what Logan had earlier this week (puking).  So we left.  He didn't want to get out of the car with me and he even refused an ice cream cone (he HAD to be sick!).  

In the 10 minutes it took us to get home he was fast asleep.   I carried him into the house and he felt like he was burning up.  My mom just told me to keep him home because she didn't want it and she knows I like to stay with them when they are sick when I can.  

He slept ALL afternoon.   He didn't wake up for good until Logan came home from school at 3.  He seems fine now.  I did give him some Motrin and he even ate dinner.  I'm hoping that if he was coming down with the pukes he slept it off and he's all good now. 


I think I'll go admire my beautiful necklace and work on some knitting :)
Hopefully I can get more pics uploaded tomorrow!