Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Football in Snowtober


I feel like I have so much to update you on since I last posted.

First, off football season is officially over!   The season went on longer than originally thought because Logan's coaches decided to enter the smurf (Logan's division) playoffs.   The first playoff game was originally going to be an all day affair but it ended up being the day of the crazy odd snowstorm in October.   The first round was still held that day but they pushed the next rounds off until the following weekend.

I felt so bad for the boys because it was COLD.   Their hands and faces were like ice cubes.  When we first got to the field it was raining. Within 10 minutes of the game actually starting the above pictures are what the field looked like.

  Right before the game started the coach told us to keep the boys as warm as we could when they were on the sidelines.   Dads lined the side of the field with blankets, their own coats because the boys' wouldn't fit with shoulder pads, umbrellas and gloves. 

Our team was winning up until the final few minutes of the game.   We ended up loosing by 1 lousy point!

After we came home from that, the boys got to enjoy and very odd snow day in October.  Mostly spent wanting to go outside and then inside cuddled up watching Halloween movies.   It was rather weird...I was more in the Christmas mood but it was only 2 days before Halloween. 

The rest of the weekend was spent like this...

That just seems wrong, doesn't it?