Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Week

Things have been crazy around here this past week.  As I mentioned yesterday there was a family medical emergency and I've sort of been tied up with that.  I don't want to go into it all online but just know that the person is OK and doing better.

On top of and because of all of that Cole and I have been spending the week with my mom...let's just say I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!!  Not that I mind or anything but I just need to get back to some sort of normal routine around here.  My house is a wreck, laundry is piled to the ceiling and I need groceries badly!

The bed situation is still working out nicely, though Cole is still sleeping in the big bed and Logan in the small one.  Whatever works.  Though there are some mornings I go into to get them up and they are both sleeping in the big bed, its cute :) 

During last weeks madness, I went with friends from knitting group to get this The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition) at midnight Friday nigt/saturday morning.  I wasn't going to go because I was exhausted but I ended up caving and going.  OMG! it was so much fun!!  My friend called the store while we were at knitting to see if people were lining up yet, this was around 8:30, the worker said yes.  Well, we thought there were all kinds of people there so we rushed over to the store.  We get there and there were only TWO people in line!!  So we hoped in line and were #3 & #4.  Another friend from knitting came over a little while later,  another showed up awhile after that to make fun of us.  THEN the prizes came out, that convinced the friend that was there to make fun to stick around and actually get the movie.  The first 24 people in line got an aluminum Team Edward water bottle and than when we were checking out the first 100 got a pack with postcards, some other cards, tatoos and stickers.  It made me feel old and like a dork but it was still so much fun.  After a long week it was just what I needed, a night out with my girls just being silly. I wanted to get pictures to share but forgot about it while I was actually there. 

I've finally picked some of my knitting up again.  I've made some more progress with my monkey sock, I have two more rounds of the lace pattern then its onto the heel.  I can't wait to finally get one done!  I've also started working on these cute little chickens for the boys Easter baskets.  I'm hoping to have them done tomorrow night at knitting, I need a little help with the feet and I have to get some fiber fill for them.  I'll post pics when they are done. 

I think that's about it for now.  I need to get to writing some letters!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Things have been absolutely INSANE around here. I know I've fallen behind in posting but there was a family emergency...everyone is ok though.   :::phew::: 

I plan on getting back to my regular posting tonight.  

See you then!  ;) 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Bed....

As I had mentioned before the sleeping arrangements have been pretty crazy around here.  Cole and Ryan downstairs and me and Logan upstairs in our own beds.  A few nights ago I had enough of it and had Ryan take Cole up and just put him in his crib.   About 3 minutes after Ryan came back downstairs we heard a  THUMP and little feet running down the hallway and back down the stairs.  Cole was back down in the living room, he climbed right out of his crib.  So I talked with my sil (who you can check out here) about it a few days later and she offered up her kids' toddler bed.

So today her and her family brought it to us.  The kids had a great time playing with their cousins, I didn't think about it until they left but I should have taken pictures of them playing.  It sucks because they enjoy spending time together and always have fun playing but we don't see each other often.

After they left Ryan took the crib down and put it in the attic and set up the 'new' toddler bed.  Both boys really seem to like it, as a matter of fact I am currently in their room with them, laying in Logans twin bed while the two of them share the toddler bed.  They insist they are going to sleep in it together....we'll see.   Please send good thoughts/prayers that this all works out!  I'm at the end of my rope on how to get this kid to sleep in his OWN bed and not in a pack n play or the couch with me or his dad! 

It was pretty much a lazy day around here, Ryan is finally getting the other room done.  It is SO close to being done!!  All thats left is primer, paint, electrician and carpet!!  Hopefully within the next month or so it can all be finished!!  It will just depend on how many weekends and evenings he gets free to finish up his end and then get the electrician back here.  Plus his planting season is soon approaching!! 

Well I need to sit back and watch more Spongebob, hopefully this room situation works out!!

Just wanted to add a quick far so good.  They've been sleeping up there for about an hour now!!  The only thing is the 2 year old is in the 6 year olds bed and the 6 year old is in the 2 year olds bed!  Hey!  Whatever works, right?!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Drama Queen....


I've come to the realization that there is just way to much drama in my life.  How exactly do you go about ending said drama?  It comes from one specific person in my life (not that said person is my only source).  I am 30 years old and there are days when I feel like I am still in high school.  Granted the drama is different this time but I still get that same sick to my stomach feeling when issues come up that I know will stir up drama.  Actually no, in high school the drama was exciting!  The she said this..omg! can you believe she's wearing THAT?!  Now I am just done.  I don't need it and I don't want it.  I want friends around me who are truly  my friends.  Who support me and are there for me.  Not just to dish about this person or that person or this group or that group.   There is some stuff going on in my life right now and this person doesn't even know it.  Granted I haven't told them anything about it but is it a TRUE friendship when you don't even bother to bring it up to them. 

I want to get back to a simplier time.  I've finally come the the realization I am wasting to much valuable time on all this extra crap in my life I'm not focusing on the things that matter.  So back to my original do I stop the drama?  I guess the mature thing to do would sit down and have an honest open conversation with this person and lay it all on the table.

Maybe this person is reading this blog post right...maybe he/she will see themselves in it.  Maybe it will help them become a better person and just KNOCK IT OFF.  Maybe I won't hear from them again. 

I guess time will only tell.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As I said earlier, it was gorgeous here today.  I am ready for it to be like that all the time.  I think poor Cole is too, once we were outside it was hard to get him back in!  I'm actually really impressed with myself, not only did we spend about an hour or more outside this morning but I also got the kitchen cleaned as well as the boys bedroom and mine too! Then we were back outside from the time Logan got off the bus until dinner time.  I wish I could have gotten more laundry done but I'm sure it will still be there tomorrow....Here are more pics from today...

Poor Cole has been waiting since Christmas to take his tractor out and ride it.  Right after I took this picture, he got on it, drove it 2 feet and the battery died :(   He'd rather drive daddy's anyway....

So we found other things to do like sliding...

swinging....and watching the chickens...

All in all it was a nice day.  I do have more pictures to share but I will save those for a different post.  Right now, both boys are in bed.  I'm showered and jammied and ready to sit back, watch Lost and hopefully work on my Monkey sock.  

I will leave you with one more picture......


Isn't this the ugliest bird you've ever seen?!?!

A Sneak Peek of Our Day....

It was a BEAUTIFUL day here today so we spent much of it outside.  As a matter of fact it is now 5:43 and we are STILL out....I have many more pics to post tonight so check back later!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I swear I will get better at this whole blogging thing.  I know I've been slacking with the posts.  I had good intentions to write last night and ended up falling asleep with Cole. 

I haven't gotten any farther with the spring cleaning that I had intended to do.  I had wanted to do some tomorrow and am still planning on it but I forgot I have a bday party to take the boys to.  Its at Chuck E. Cheese and they will have fun so that's all that matters.  The messy house will still be here when I get back.   Ryan says he's going to work on the room tomorrow.  We'll see how far he gets with that...he only mentioned it when I asked him to go with us.  I do really have to do something with this house though, I haven't been in a very good mood lately and I think its because everything is absolute insanity here. 

Tonight I finally got the chance to watch Food, Inc. it really gave me something to think about. I am definately going to continue to buy organic whenever I can, I wish I could find a local farm to buy my meat now though (you know other than chicken).  I don't feel quite so bad about the chickens in my freezer now either ;) 

My knitting has fallen by the wayside as well.  I have worked almost two full repeats of the lace on my sock.  I'm stuck on my Multnomah shawl though, I didn't get to knitting group this week so its on hold until I get there next week.  I really haven't felt like working on anything though.  I'm just in a funk with everything.  I have a stack of books here to read and I can't bring myself to actually read them. 

Well that's all for tonight, its getting late (or early however you look at it) and I really want to sleep in my bed tonight.....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its been a crazy week here. 

For starters Ryan, Logan, Cole and I have had this cold/terrible sounding cough.  I think poor Cole has had it the worst though.  So he hasn't been sleeping the best or at least the most sound.  Tonight has been the worst.  He went to sleep around 6:30 and has been sleeping on and off since then. I have a feeling its going to be one of THOSE nights where he only wants held to sleep,  I'm not looking forward to it.  Right now him and Ryan are sacked out on the recliner together. 

Then there's me, I've been falling asleep every night this week again at 9pm.  Its nice and all but I do really like those few hours at night by myself to catch up on different things.  Not only am I behind on my blogging but my knitting has fallen by the wayside.  I have a pen pal letter that needs replied to and I''m only half done with it, laundry is piled to the ceiling and I am weeks behind on my Days of Our Lives episodes!!!  ;) 

Last Thursday Cole threw my cell phone in the toilet...luckily it was time for my renewal and I could get a new phone.  I never realized how attached to my phone I was though.  I don't use it constantly like some people and there are only really two people that I text regularly but I was without a phone from Thursday night to Monday morning and it sucked!  What did we do before cell phones??!  Crazy.  So I had a fun time shopping for a new phone on the Verizon website.  I really would have liked a Droid but I can't justify an extra $30 a month for no good reason (for me).  So I went with the Samsung Rouge.  So far I really like it.  I think it will take me forever to learn everything it can do though. 

I've also gotten into this spring cleaning kick, though I haven't gotten much done yet.  Hey, I have good intentions!!  ;)  I did get the boys' room cleaned out, it looks so much better.  As I've mentioned before storage is an issue here.  The boys' share a room, there is a twin bed, a dresser, armoire, changing table/dresser and crib all crammed into one room.  I had things stored under the crib and bed and things just shoved anywhere there was a free space.  I've gone through it all and pitched what I could.  I still have more to go through and either donate or put in the attic.  I can't wait to get working on the rest of the upstairs.  It has become the dumping ground for everything I don't know what to do with.  Now just to decide if I should hang on to stuff for a  yard sale this spring/summer or just donate it. 

Well Cole is crying again, I think its my turn to hold him.....