Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Bed....

As I had mentioned before the sleeping arrangements have been pretty crazy around here.  Cole and Ryan downstairs and me and Logan upstairs in our own beds.  A few nights ago I had enough of it and had Ryan take Cole up and just put him in his crib.   About 3 minutes after Ryan came back downstairs we heard a  THUMP and little feet running down the hallway and back down the stairs.  Cole was back down in the living room, he climbed right out of his crib.  So I talked with my sil (who you can check out here) about it a few days later and she offered up her kids' toddler bed.

So today her and her family brought it to us.  The kids had a great time playing with their cousins, I didn't think about it until they left but I should have taken pictures of them playing.  It sucks because they enjoy spending time together and always have fun playing but we don't see each other often.

After they left Ryan took the crib down and put it in the attic and set up the 'new' toddler bed.  Both boys really seem to like it, as a matter of fact I am currently in their room with them, laying in Logans twin bed while the two of them share the toddler bed.  They insist they are going to sleep in it together....we'll see.   Please send good thoughts/prayers that this all works out!  I'm at the end of my rope on how to get this kid to sleep in his OWN bed and not in a pack n play or the couch with me or his dad! 

It was pretty much a lazy day around here, Ryan is finally getting the other room done.  It is SO close to being done!!  All thats left is primer, paint, electrician and carpet!!  Hopefully within the next month or so it can all be finished!!  It will just depend on how many weekends and evenings he gets free to finish up his end and then get the electrician back here.  Plus his planting season is soon approaching!! 

Well I need to sit back and watch more Spongebob, hopefully this room situation works out!!

Just wanted to add a quick far so good.  They've been sleeping up there for about an hour now!!  The only thing is the 2 year old is in the 6 year olds bed and the 6 year old is in the 2 year olds bed!  Hey!  Whatever works, right?!

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  1. SO glad to hear that your SIL brought over that toddler bed. who cares if the 6 year old is sleepin' in it. lol.