Sunday, March 7, 2010

I swear I will get better at this whole blogging thing.  I know I've been slacking with the posts.  I had good intentions to write last night and ended up falling asleep with Cole. 

I haven't gotten any farther with the spring cleaning that I had intended to do.  I had wanted to do some tomorrow and am still planning on it but I forgot I have a bday party to take the boys to.  Its at Chuck E. Cheese and they will have fun so that's all that matters.  The messy house will still be here when I get back.   Ryan says he's going to work on the room tomorrow.  We'll see how far he gets with that...he only mentioned it when I asked him to go with us.  I do really have to do something with this house though, I haven't been in a very good mood lately and I think its because everything is absolute insanity here. 

Tonight I finally got the chance to watch Food, Inc. it really gave me something to think about. I am definately going to continue to buy organic whenever I can, I wish I could find a local farm to buy my meat now though (you know other than chicken).  I don't feel quite so bad about the chickens in my freezer now either ;) 

My knitting has fallen by the wayside as well.  I have worked almost two full repeats of the lace on my sock.  I'm stuck on my Multnomah shawl though, I didn't get to knitting group this week so its on hold until I get there next week.  I really haven't felt like working on anything though.  I'm just in a funk with everything.  I have a stack of books here to read and I can't bring myself to actually read them. 

Well that's all for tonight, its getting late (or early however you look at it) and I really want to sleep in my bed tonight.....


  1. same here! bit of a knitting funk. then i realized last night that the sock i'm almost done with is one HECK of a lot bigger than the other one. frog frog frog... :(

  2. you'll snap out of the knitting funk..and those books will get read. :) there's probably a farm somewhere close by you where you could purchase meat...saw one on jon and kate plus 8. lol!