Monday, June 28, 2010


Was just trying to make a blog post w/pics and of course my computer won't upload the pics for some reason.  Will try to post it tonight, if I can somehow make my netbook get just a little more power before I send it back this weekend. I hate to send it back and be without it but its getting to the point I can't even mess with the cord enough and sit in just the right position so it charges.  I really hate computers!!!  I would really like one of these Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)  for my 31st birthday which is in two weeks btw. ;)  Would you all please inform Ryan or my mom or ANYBODY?  Thanks :)  Have a good Monday!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Its Quiet In Here...


I should really be cleaning my house right now...The boys are both at Nanny's house with their dad and I have the house to myself.  Though there are mounds and mounds of laundry that needs folded/washed & put away but I really really don't want to, I hate laundry.  I'd rather be reading, knitting or blogging! 

We didn't really do anything super fun today.  Logan & I got haircuts then we went to lunch with my mom and nephew, ran some errands and then came home.

I don't know if its because its summer or what but I've been on a major reading kick again.  Though I'm sort of at a loss on what to read.  What is everyone out in blogland reading this summer?  I love this series Sookie Stackhouse 8-copy Boxed Set (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) but I just read the newest one last week.  Now I've moved onto Charlaine Harris's  other series Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Series #1).  It was a little slow going at first but I really got into it and picked up the other two books at the library today.  I love going to the library, I really hope that is one thing I can pass onto my kids is the love of reading.  I'm not really sure where I got it from, I honestly can't say I ever knew of anyone in my family just reading a book for fun but I love to read.  I remember summers growing up and reading tons of books.  My mom and I would go shopping every week, I'd usually buy 4 or 5 books at a time and I'd need more but the next time we went to the mall the following week.  Too bad the library wasn't by my house back then! 

Logan is pretty excited, VBS is starting this sunday at our MOPS church.  Its his favorite one and the only one I've been sending him to the past few years.  We don't go to church, though I would like to, I just can't get my husband to go, but I consider my MOPS church my church.  I used to send him to the VBS at the church I used to go to growing up but I really didn't like how they ran their VBS program anymore so I've just stuck with the one.  I think he's really going to enjoy it this year.  I think he will move up with the Kindergardeners this year finally!  They usually split them up according to what grade they've just finished, he's been in the preschool class for the past two years. 

I'm really glad its summer, we're all really enjoying it. I've been trying to keep the kids as busy as I can on the days I don't work (believe me my house shows it!) but I'm starting to miss the structure and activities of the school year.  I know I'm crazy!  Summer is going fast enough already.  I actually caught myself today thinking of Christmas gifts! 

Well this is a rather rambling blog post tonight, it has no point so I'll end it now.  Maybe I'll go tackle some of that laundry....Nah!  I think I'll start reading some of my books!  Don't forget, I really want some summer reading suggestions!  I've been stumbling through the library not even knowing where to look.  I like anything, I've read the Beverly Lewis Amish books to the Stephanie Meyer Twilight series.  Really anything!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Summer Outing

As I mentioned in my previous post we've been trying to keep busy with playdates and such.  My MOPS group has an awesome summer playdate list planned and we've been trying to join them as much as we can.  One of the first outings for the group this year was to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park.  I have never been there before and I was surprised at how nice and affordable it is!  For Logan, Cole and I it only cost me $20 (plus $2 for crackers to feed the animals on the safari ride) granted we packed a lunch but still I didn't think it was bad.  Here are some pictures of our day!

Waiting on the cut off bus for our safari ride.

                                                          I think this is an emu but not sure...

Logan and Cole feeding crackers to the elk.  It was so friggin cool.  They came right up to the bus as soon as they saw us and these things were huge!  Cole thought it was the coolest thing ever and was petting him. 

This is when I knew it was time to go home.  We walked past a barn with a big John Deere tractor in it (Coles fave) and he would stop and stare.  He kept saying 'ride, tractor, me'  I started to walk away from him because I could not get him away from it.  Crazy kid!

TV Update & Summer Fun!

Well summer is in full swing around here.  The boys and I have been keeping pretty busy on the days I'm home.  We've had playdates with friends and swimming days at my parents house.  We aren't planning on any 'real' vacations this year.  Just day trips to some semi local places we like to visit. 

Oh yeah, update on the tv saga....  I had the repairman come out last Monday.  He seemed like he knew what he was doing but he was sort of a crabby know it all type.   It ended up our tv was beyond repair :(  I sort of figured that would be the diagnosis, the tv was 6 years old and used ALOT.  There were many nights I'd be up with one of the boys and it would be left on all night, in some of those beginning baby days I'm sure the tv was on 24 hours or more at a time.  Anyway, it was going to cost $600 +  to fix and he couldn't guarantee that would be it.  

So Monday night Ryan and I headed off to hhgregg to check out and see what they had.  A bunch of these stores just opened up in our area and I must say I was very impressed with them.  Their sales flyers always show very good deals every week, I thought it was just a ploy to get people to come in.  We went in and that's not the case at all.  The sales guy was very knowledgeable and seemed like he was giving us his honest opinion.  So far we are happy with our purchase.  So yeah, instead of a vacation we got a new tv!  Its crazy how expensive tvs are now. 

I'm not home now but I will update tonight with some pictures of things we've done so far this summer! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summertime Fun!!

I'm so glad its finally that time of year.  I used to be more of a winter/Christmas type of girl.  Now I'm finding I'm really enjoying summer a whole lot more.

 Logan's last day of school is this Wednesday and I can't wait!  I'm so ready to do all sorts of fun things.  We aren't planning on a real 'vacation', we don't really 'do' vacations because summer is Ryan's busy time at work.  Its easier for him to get a day here and there off instead of alot of days in a row.  I'd actually like to 'camp' in the backyard.  I figure we have enough ground we can camp far enough away from the house we'll forget we're at home ;)

With all the excitment of finding my camera and finally getting the chance to post my yarn pics, I forgot about the pics I took of Memorial Day. We had cookouts to attend on Sunday but Monday we just hung out at home and stayed outside most of the day.

It was a crazy hot day so we got out the swimming pool  and the bounce house and hung out by the swing set.  I think we soon need to get a bigger pool, they are out growing this one.

Meanwhile, Ryan was working on his garden.  Cole picked up a rake and decided to help.
Cole taking a picture of me.

Logan,  this is one of the only ones I got of him that day.  He won't hardly ever stand still long enough for me to get a good one.  I can't believe how big he is getting already. My baby will be in first grade next year :(

Speaking of Logan.   That boy about gave me a heart attack on Memorial Day when we were setting all this up.  We had brought the dogs out with us and had them tied out amongst some trees so they could be in the shade.  Logan was bringing water bowls out for them.  Cole and I were standing there with the dogs and Logan was walking towards us with the dishes.  Logan and I were talking about something and I happened to look to my right because I saw something in the grass.  At first I thought it was Ryan's hose for the garden.  When I looked again I realized it was a giant black snake.  It was one of those moments that felt like it was taking forever, I was trying to determine if it was real or not.  When I realized it was (who would put a 5ft long fake black snake in my yard?  and why didn't I see them do it?  @@)  I couldn't get the words out quick enough, I could only tell Logan to stop and stay where he was.  Would he listen?  Of course not!!  He was right at this snake, he couldn't have gotten any closer to him, the snake was pulled back ready to strike but for some reason he didn't.  As soon as Logan got clear of him, he took off and shot down a hole. 

Now I keep thinking I see snakes everywhere, including in my house.  ::::shivers:::  ugh I hate snakes!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Yarn Love!

Betcha thought I forgot didn't ya?  Nope.  I took my netbook back yesterday to get repaired and of course I have to send it out to get fixed @@.  So I'm holding it together very, very carefully for the time being. 

Onto the pics!!

Next up is this lovely mondo skein.  I don't remember what stand it came from but it was from one of the guild's, I just don't remember which one.  It is 3150 yds of a 75% rayon 25% silk blend.  I have no idea what I'm going to make out of it though. 

I've saved the absolute best for least in my opinion...

This is from Creatively Dyed Yarn and these pictures do not even come close to doing this yarn justice. I love love love her stuff. I honestly wish I would have spent all of my money there. The two blue skeins, which are the Captain colorway, are going to be a Citron Shawl. The other single skein is going to be some unknown pair of socks. I still have to find the perfect pattern for it.

This is all of it.  I also finally got a Nantucket bag.  Love it! 

Already counting down the days until next year's MDS&W!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Super Fabulous Great News!!!

I FINALLY found my camera!!!  I'm so friggin excited.  I hate not having it and I just can't get into taking pics with my cell phone.

 Guess where it was?!

 Shoved down the couch cushion.  Along with at least 5 Nintendo DS games we thought were lost forever.  Imagine that!  Guess maybe I should clean under there more often but in all honesty I never think of it. Gross I know...Sorry!

So without further ado, onto the pics of my fabulous finds at MDSW!!!

 First up is miss babs.  Love Love Love this yarn.  I had read about it on Ravelry and wanted to look for it when I went to MDSW.  When I saw  her booth in one of the buildings it was out of control packed and I was hot and tired so I didn't go in.  I'm still kicking myself for waiting.  After I met back up with my friends a few of them had braved the crowd and gone in, they scored free mini samples with their purchases by the time I went back they were gone :(  I got three skeins of her Yowza whatta skein.  And one "Yummy" handpainted sock yarn.  The only thing I'm disappointed in and its totally my fault. The two varigated skeins are from the same colorway but since they are handpainted there is a color variation.  I thought I had grabbed two that looked fairly similar when I was in the booth but I didn't, I handed the wrong one back to my friend to hang back up.  Now the two I have are hugely different.  I think I'm going to have to find something else to do with them but I'm not sure what....I also wish I would have bought more of the orange colorway (French Marigold) love it! That is currently being made into a shrug that my rav pen pal sent me. I LOVE the pattern and can't wait for it to be finished. 

Next up is my fave place and always first stop at MDSW.  Brooks Farm.  This is some of their LOVELY Fourplay yarn.  A few of us from my knitting group bought this yarn to go with a shawl pattern they had on display in their booth.  We are having our very own KAL.  Though I'm not loving my colorway in the pattern but I want to work on it a little longer before I make up my mind.   

Well that is all for today.  I'm going to make you wait a little longer for the rest!!  ;)  Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!!!