Monday, June 7, 2010

Summertime Fun!!

I'm so glad its finally that time of year.  I used to be more of a winter/Christmas type of girl.  Now I'm finding I'm really enjoying summer a whole lot more.

 Logan's last day of school is this Wednesday and I can't wait!  I'm so ready to do all sorts of fun things.  We aren't planning on a real 'vacation', we don't really 'do' vacations because summer is Ryan's busy time at work.  Its easier for him to get a day here and there off instead of alot of days in a row.  I'd actually like to 'camp' in the backyard.  I figure we have enough ground we can camp far enough away from the house we'll forget we're at home ;)

With all the excitment of finding my camera and finally getting the chance to post my yarn pics, I forgot about the pics I took of Memorial Day. We had cookouts to attend on Sunday but Monday we just hung out at home and stayed outside most of the day.

It was a crazy hot day so we got out the swimming pool  and the bounce house and hung out by the swing set.  I think we soon need to get a bigger pool, they are out growing this one.

Meanwhile, Ryan was working on his garden.  Cole picked up a rake and decided to help.
Cole taking a picture of me.

Logan,  this is one of the only ones I got of him that day.  He won't hardly ever stand still long enough for me to get a good one.  I can't believe how big he is getting already. My baby will be in first grade next year :(

Speaking of Logan.   That boy about gave me a heart attack on Memorial Day when we were setting all this up.  We had brought the dogs out with us and had them tied out amongst some trees so they could be in the shade.  Logan was bringing water bowls out for them.  Cole and I were standing there with the dogs and Logan was walking towards us with the dishes.  Logan and I were talking about something and I happened to look to my right because I saw something in the grass.  At first I thought it was Ryan's hose for the garden.  When I looked again I realized it was a giant black snake.  It was one of those moments that felt like it was taking forever, I was trying to determine if it was real or not.  When I realized it was (who would put a 5ft long fake black snake in my yard?  and why didn't I see them do it?  @@)  I couldn't get the words out quick enough, I could only tell Logan to stop and stay where he was.  Would he listen?  Of course not!!  He was right at this snake, he couldn't have gotten any closer to him, the snake was pulled back ready to strike but for some reason he didn't.  As soon as Logan got clear of him, he took off and shot down a hole. 

Now I keep thinking I see snakes everywhere, including in my house.  ::::shivers:::  ugh I hate snakes!!!!

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  1. omg!! I would've flipped out myself. saw a snake at the house we were housesitting at (i think it was a black snake too) and it freaked me out! to this day, I HATE snakes!!! kids, on the other hand, are fearless!