Thursday, June 24, 2010

Its Quiet In Here...


I should really be cleaning my house right now...The boys are both at Nanny's house with their dad and I have the house to myself.  Though there are mounds and mounds of laundry that needs folded/washed & put away but I really really don't want to, I hate laundry.  I'd rather be reading, knitting or blogging! 

We didn't really do anything super fun today.  Logan & I got haircuts then we went to lunch with my mom and nephew, ran some errands and then came home.

I don't know if its because its summer or what but I've been on a major reading kick again.  Though I'm sort of at a loss on what to read.  What is everyone out in blogland reading this summer?  I love this series Sookie Stackhouse 8-copy Boxed Set (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) but I just read the newest one last week.  Now I've moved onto Charlaine Harris's  other series Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Series #1).  It was a little slow going at first but I really got into it and picked up the other two books at the library today.  I love going to the library, I really hope that is one thing I can pass onto my kids is the love of reading.  I'm not really sure where I got it from, I honestly can't say I ever knew of anyone in my family just reading a book for fun but I love to read.  I remember summers growing up and reading tons of books.  My mom and I would go shopping every week, I'd usually buy 4 or 5 books at a time and I'd need more but the next time we went to the mall the following week.  Too bad the library wasn't by my house back then! 

Logan is pretty excited, VBS is starting this sunday at our MOPS church.  Its his favorite one and the only one I've been sending him to the past few years.  We don't go to church, though I would like to, I just can't get my husband to go, but I consider my MOPS church my church.  I used to send him to the VBS at the church I used to go to growing up but I really didn't like how they ran their VBS program anymore so I've just stuck with the one.  I think he's really going to enjoy it this year.  I think he will move up with the Kindergardeners this year finally!  They usually split them up according to what grade they've just finished, he's been in the preschool class for the past two years. 

I'm really glad its summer, we're all really enjoying it. I've been trying to keep the kids as busy as I can on the days I don't work (believe me my house shows it!) but I'm starting to miss the structure and activities of the school year.  I know I'm crazy!  Summer is going fast enough already.  I actually caught myself today thinking of Christmas gifts! 

Well this is a rather rambling blog post tonight, it has no point so I'll end it now.  Maybe I'll go tackle some of that laundry....Nah!  I think I'll start reading some of my books!  Don't forget, I really want some summer reading suggestions!  I've been stumbling through the library not even knowing where to look.  I like anything, I've read the Beverly Lewis Amish books to the Stephanie Meyer Twilight series.  Really anything!


  1. I am a huge reader too. Go through phases though, depending on house busy life is (with the kids there is always a million things to do or that needs to be done)

    The laundry - don't get me started. NEVER ends in our house either.

    One of the kids got a hold of the letter I wrote to you. I am going to start a new letter to you tomorrow and mail it out ASAP! It's on it's way - so sorry. The first 3 weeks of June were MAD busy! (Birthdays (mack & i), ultrasounds, school concerts, mack's bday party, father's day, etc.. the list goes on). Getting it to you ASAP! Promise!

  2. can't help you with the summer reading list..since the move my summer reading has hit the toilet. :P i'm not inspired to read anything. maybe i need to hit the library too. growing up i used to read all the time (particularly in the summer) too. i hope that you are able to pass your love of reading to your kids. glad to hear logan enjoys VBS! :) that is cool. my hubs isn't a church goer either..but is willing to try one out together (as long as isn't the church i grew up in!! happy summer!