Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Yarn Love!

Betcha thought I forgot didn't ya?  Nope.  I took my netbook back yesterday to get repaired and of course I have to send it out to get fixed @@.  So I'm holding it together very, very carefully for the time being. 

Onto the pics!!

Next up is this lovely mondo skein.  I don't remember what stand it came from but it was from one of the guild's, I just don't remember which one.  It is 3150 yds of a 75% rayon 25% silk blend.  I have no idea what I'm going to make out of it though. 

I've saved the absolute best for least in my opinion...

This is from Creatively Dyed Yarn and these pictures do not even come close to doing this yarn justice. I love love love her stuff. I honestly wish I would have spent all of my money there. The two blue skeins, which are the Captain colorway, are going to be a Citron Shawl. The other single skein is going to be some unknown pair of socks. I still have to find the perfect pattern for it.

This is all of it.  I also finally got a Nantucket bag.  Love it! 

Already counting down the days until next year's MDS&W!!!


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  2. oooh, can't wait to see your citron in that lovely blue yarn!!! i've been itching for some blue laceweight myself. that mondo skein is totally shawl worthy--just don't know what pattern i'd suggest!