Friday, June 4, 2010

Super Fabulous Great News!!!

I FINALLY found my camera!!!  I'm so friggin excited.  I hate not having it and I just can't get into taking pics with my cell phone.

 Guess where it was?!

 Shoved down the couch cushion.  Along with at least 5 Nintendo DS games we thought were lost forever.  Imagine that!  Guess maybe I should clean under there more often but in all honesty I never think of it. Gross I know...Sorry!

So without further ado, onto the pics of my fabulous finds at MDSW!!!

 First up is miss babs.  Love Love Love this yarn.  I had read about it on Ravelry and wanted to look for it when I went to MDSW.  When I saw  her booth in one of the buildings it was out of control packed and I was hot and tired so I didn't go in.  I'm still kicking myself for waiting.  After I met back up with my friends a few of them had braved the crowd and gone in, they scored free mini samples with their purchases by the time I went back they were gone :(  I got three skeins of her Yowza whatta skein.  And one "Yummy" handpainted sock yarn.  The only thing I'm disappointed in and its totally my fault. The two varigated skeins are from the same colorway but since they are handpainted there is a color variation.  I thought I had grabbed two that looked fairly similar when I was in the booth but I didn't, I handed the wrong one back to my friend to hang back up.  Now the two I have are hugely different.  I think I'm going to have to find something else to do with them but I'm not sure what....I also wish I would have bought more of the orange colorway (French Marigold) love it! That is currently being made into a shrug that my rav pen pal sent me. I LOVE the pattern and can't wait for it to be finished. 

Next up is my fave place and always first stop at MDSW.  Brooks Farm.  This is some of their LOVELY Fourplay yarn.  A few of us from my knitting group bought this yarn to go with a shawl pattern they had on display in their booth.  We are having our very own KAL.  Though I'm not loving my colorway in the pattern but I want to work on it a little longer before I make up my mind.   

Well that is all for today.  I'm going to make you wait a little longer for the rest!!  ;)  Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!!!


  1. I always look in the couch or under the couch first, when missing something.

    Though, my Ishbel I knit isn't under there :( I'm so mad I can't find it!

  2. glad you found your camera. makes me wonder if i should go look in our couch cushions (just to see what I can find there!!) lol. the yarn you picked up at mdsw is gorgeous! have you tried emailing miss babs to see if she can switch out the skein that is different? jw.