Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cleaning Day & Brotherly Love

Yesterday Logan had off of school for Easter Vacation/Spring Break.  It was my scheduled day to work but early in the morning he came over and got in bed with me complaining that his ear hurt.  At some point he came downstairs and slept, when Ryan got up to go to work, he came up and said Logan threw up.  GREAT.  So I stayed home with the boys.  He ended up being fine the rest of the day so I'm not sure what was up.  Too much Easter candy and excitment over the weekend?  That's what I'm thinking.  Though I do need to call his dr about his ears,  he's been complaining about his ears hurting but without a fever or anything, he's never really sick sick. 

So we just hung around the house and I cleaned.  My house needed it desperately!  It was disgusting and there was just stuff everywhere, I can't stand it.  Oh how I can't wait for the third bedroom to be done.  Right now the boys share a room and all of their toys are in the living room and enclosed front porch.  Its a mess.  It never fails though, everytime I mop the kitchen floor, within 5 seconds of dumping the water and putting everything away someone spills a bottle of juice or something equally sticky all over the floor. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother...

Logan & Cole spent the morning and early after noon playing rather nicely together, it amazes me how well they do get along with each other.  Logan is always looking out for him.  When we went to the egg hunt on Saturday it really bothered him that he wasn't hunting with Cole, he was afraid Cole wouldn't get any eggs.  How sweet is that.  Then yesterday afternoon they were laying up in there room watching cartoons, while I finished cleaning ( i think I was actually mopping the floor ;)  and Logan came down but not Cole.  After awhile I asked Logan to go check on him.  He looked all around and said I can hear him but I don't see him.  Here Cole had gone up to the attic but was too scared to come back down.  So Logan went up himself and helped him back down the steps.  He made him sit on the kitchen chair (all the while Cole was crying) and asked him in a calm soothing voice..."what's wrong buddy?  Are you scared?  Don't be scared.  Let me check your feet."  (he had to walk through the room that is being remodeled to get to the attic, I guess he was afraid he hurt his feet on the wood floors)  It was just so sweet :*)  He wouldn't let me deal with it, he had it under control. 

Now here are more pictures from this weekends festivities.  On Saturday after the egg hunt we had dinner with sil & her family at fil's house with his new wife and her parents.  The kids all had a blast together!

Logan and Cole with their cousins waiting for the hunt to begin!

I knew I had a picture of them together!!  Its not the best but its a start!

Cole is crazy about tractors, but only if its a Deere!

The three oldest being silly after they got their baskets.


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  2. I love your photos! REally nice! I feel like I was there and it looked so fun! Following!

  3. at least you got some cleaning out of the way. cute about how logan looks out for cole. he's a good big brother and you can tell in the pic of the two of them. :)