Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nail polish in the Morning....

This is how my morning has been going so far....

I hope yours has been better...

Anyone know how to get red nailpolish out of beige carpet???


  1. Oh wow!!

    Have you tried vinegar?

  2. oh my gosh!! I know from experience nail polish can't come off of the carpet without damage....sorry.
    Just popped in from mbc :O)

  3. OMGOSH!!! Crazy! LOL! I usually try hydrogen peroxide for any stains. It works on just about anything and doesn't bleach out the carpet.

    Keep us posted. :-)

  4. Oh no! Your post has inspired me to go home and hide all of my nail polish.

    I hope your day gets better!


  5. Looks like a mess

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  6. Oh My did you get that nail polish off the legs. I have no idea whether this will work or not. But there is this product on the market called citra solve. It took off asphalt when nothing else would. I found it in Safeway or you might find it at a health food store. Kids do the craziest things don't they.
    But I have enjoyed visiting, thanks for having me.

  7. oh dear. hope the day got better for you!

  8. Oh no girl!! That's crazy!!! Did you manage to get it out? I have no idea!?

  9. No secrets here but Good luck! Happy Friday Follow and enjoy your weekend.