Monday, May 3, 2010

The Best Day of the Year.

Saturday was a super fabulous day.  It was the first full weekend in May so you know what that means?!  It was time for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival!!  I found out about this super fabulous place a few years ago, I think Logan was around three and I convinced Ryan to go.   I had originally had plans to go with mil and then she couldn't get off work, so Ryan said he would go.  I kept going back and forth on if I really wanted to go then he finally talked me into it (now he probably wishes he didn't ;) 

I don't remember how much I had known about it at that time I don't think much, I had just seen the website and had seen it mentioned a few times on different knitting blogs, that was before I was on Ravelry and may have even been before Ravelry exsisted.   I do know when we first pulled up to the place I was like oh no, what did I suggest we drive too?  Is this IT?!  Looks can be decieving....  I hadn't known at the time of my first trip but the Maryland Sheep & Wool is run compeletely by volunteers and there is NO admission charge or parking fee!  How friggin AMAZING is that?!  Seriously if that was held anywhere around here (not that its far from me by any means but ykwim.) you would probably be paying $10 admission & $5 to park and that's on the low side!  I just think it is so COOL its free! 

Anyway so that was my first year going and it was fun don't get me wrong, Ryan was great.  He didn't rush me, he was talking me into buying things and was pointing things out for me to get (I was a little overwhelemed!).  But it just wasn't the same to me, shopping with him.  I was a little envious that first year of all of the girls/women there shopping together.  Fast forward three years & now this is my second year going with a group of my great friends.  Ryan is a little jealous now because he would still like to go and see the animals & stuff but I don't think he'd be that enabling as he was the first year.

The morning didn't start out so great, I woke up 5 minutes after my ride was supposed to pick me up and I still had to shower and pack my bag!!  Luckily my friend was just leaving her house but a shower was out of the question.  So I rushed around and got ready quick and we were off!  Luckily I had all my stuff together I just needed to throw it all into a bag.  We went and picked everyone else up and we were off!  We were on the road before 7am, we arrived around 8:30 and were in and checking things out right away!

 I really wanted to include pictures in this post but I can't friggin find my camera!!!  Cole had it the other day taking pictures of himself and I THINK I took it from him and put it somewhere so he couldn't get it and now I can't find it.  Figures. 

Anyway, our first stop on Saturday was to Brooks Farms booth, might I add I really like how they changed where some of the outside tents were this year, it was so nice and didn't seem so crowded in that area.  Now, I feel bad for saying this because I LOVE me some Brooks Farm, honestly love it.  But I wasn't impressed this year.  I know its terrible to say that, really I do and I feel wrong saying it.  Maybe it was just too early in the morning for me but I just wasn't feelin' it.  Though my friends 'talked' me into buying 5 hanks for the Fourplay (I love that name!  my friend and a few other ladies there were having quit a giggle about it) to make a shawl that they had displayed in their booth.  

Right across the way from Brooks Farm was Creatively Dyed, which is my new love.  If we're all being honest here I sort of wish I hadn't bought the Fourplay and spent more at Creatively Dyed. Her colors are absolutely AMAZING I just can't even put it into words.  I can't wait to post pics of the stuff I got from her, I know the pics won't do it justice.  I got three hanks of Beachs sock yarn, 1 for a pair of socks and 2 others to make a Citron.  I can't wait to start it....

After that point the rest of the day is sort of a blur but I got more loot...Another new fave of mine is Miss Babs  though I didn't get to poke around her booth too long, it was way crowded and by that point I was just DONE.  I did manage to snag three skeins of her Yowza Whatta Skein!  Two in a varigated colorway called A Day at Churchhill Downs and one in French Marigold.  I also got one hank of sock yarn from her. 

It was a super fun day and I already can't wait for next year.  I just hope its not as hot as it was this year, it was miserable!  I'm really hoping that I can find my camera tomorrow so I can post pics of all my fabulous new yarn!!  Hopefully this will give me the motivation I need to get back into knitting!


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  3. sounds like it was fun. can't wait to see pics!

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