Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We had some gorgeous spring like weather this past weekend, though you couldn't tell it now if you were to look out my kitchen window.   It has been miserable and raining  for the past few days.   Actually,  I don't remember what it was like yesterday because I have been sick vegging on the couch.  The boys oh so lovingly shared their head cold with me. I was saying while it was beautiful out this weekend it was also a little chilly but we decided to go out and enjoy the sunshine anyway...


After I wrote my last post about my latest knitting project, I realized I was doing it totally wrong.  After frogging it 3 different times and consulting with various knitting friends from not only a different state but a different country as well I finally got it figured out after a quick phone call to my dear sweet friend  Heather.   I can safely say I don't think I would have ANY completed knitting projects if it weren't for her :)   Now that I KNOW  how to do it, I don't understand what was so hard for me to of those brain lapses I guess.  I had planned to work more on it yesterday while I was home sick (Logan was in school and my mom kept Cole)  while I had grand plans for my afternoon to recuperate I ended up sleeping away the day,  I REALLY didn't feel good.  I'm hoping to get working on it tonight while I watch some episodes of Dr. Who that I have on my DVR.


  1. We had a dose of springtime here about a week ago--a few days of 50's/60's and now it's 30s and snow flurries! Ugh! Although, I did see the green sprouts of daffodils peeking up outside my office today!
    Thanks for visiting me, and for your words of support. I imagine all moms feel like this at times...some seem to take it all in stride and have it all do they do it all? lol Maybe someday I'll figure it out!