Thursday, March 31, 2011

2KCBWDAY 4... Where Are They Now?

Today’s topic is Where are they now? We’re looking back at past projects. What actually happens to a knit/crocheted piece once it’s finished. Are gifts cherished, or shoved to the back of a wardrobe or cupboard to never see the light of day again?

As I'm sitting here trying to write this post,  I've come to realize two things.   Either 1. I don't really finish much (which is very true)  or 2. the things I do finish are never for me so I don't really know what has become of them.    

I think for this post I'm going to go super old school.  The first thing I made...ever.  Way back going on 10 years ago when I first learned to crochet and the shell stitch blanket I made.   When I only crocheted I only did afghans.   That's all my mom and my grandmother did when I was growing up.  Though I do sort of remember my grandmother making pillows and a shawl.  So when I wanted to learn to crochet my grandmother had already passed away and my mom hadn't done any of it in many years.  
Luckily for me my sister in law knew how but she basically did only one type of afghan and that was the shell stitch one.  There is no real pattern for it, just something she's been doing forever.  

My afghan is terribly sad looking now, it was sad looking right after I finished it.   I used way too big of a needle for the yarn.   It has holes in it now from dogs, kids, cats.   I can't bear to throw it out though...

Told you it was sad looking.    Even though it looks horrible and isn't terribly warm, it still  gets used alot.

So while the perfect sweater made out of  THE perfect yarn might be laying upstairs in my armoire,  its pretty safe to say this sad looking blanket gets more use than that sweater ever will. 


  1. I think it's wonderful that your first ever project is still in use. I don't know a thing about crochet, but is there any way to repair it? It would be awesome if you could still have it around in 10 more years :)

  2. aww what a lovely blanket! I hope the blankets I've made look like that one day (I think!)

  3. What a lovely story! I think it's great that you still use your first project! :D

  4. That's the definition of love, IMO. Items like blankets, dishcloths, clothes, etc. should be used, and this blanket looks like it's been used and loved a ton. How wonderful.

  5. It's nice to see something used with so much love and by everyone in the ohana. Maybe in the end you can save some of it and frame it?

  6. that's what counts right? that it gets the most usage and isn't just sitting in a closet. it is loved!