Friday, March 18, 2011

Knitting Updates

I'm not sure what my problem has been the past few days but I'm just in a funk and just run down.  Not sure if its from the time change or if I'm getting the cold the boys are now just getting over. 

We are now just starting week 7 on P90X. So far so good. Though I am feeling a little burnt out from it right now but I think that's just all part of the rundown feeling that I just mentioned.  I can't believe we are that far along in the program though.   I can really see a difference in Ryan, I can feel a difference in myself but I'm not sure if its noticeable to anyone else.   I can feel a difference in how things are fitting me and just how my body feels. 

So I was just looking through my camera to see if I had any good pictures to include with this post.   Cole must have been using my camera because I sure don't remember taking this picture...

That would be a picture of dinner and the dog toy that he's been carryin around lately along with my stack magazines/letter writing paper.  I guess he liked his dinner so much that night he wanted to remember it?  Who knows with that child.

I have been happily working away on my Bakersfield shawlette.  Its still going well, I'm getting a little nervous about the size though.  I'm hoping it will block out bigger than what its looking now. I tried my best to get some pictures of model was very cooperative though....

I'm hoping to finish it up soon as well as my dream in color shrug that I just have to put a few finishing touches on. 

The boys have finished playing their video game and we are getting ready to find a movie to watch!


  1. lol!!!!!! I love your model for your shawlette!!

  2. He's so cute modeling your shawl in progress!

    I hear you about the funk!

    That's funny that he was using your camera! Especially if you don't remember taking that pic!