Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

If everyone is like me out there, it seems like my cell phone bill is getting more and more expensive each year.  I just found out about this really cool plan that is making having a cell phone, will all of the latest features more affordable.  It is
Boost Mobile.  They have a lot of the latest phones with all of the added features inclued in one low monthly price!

For example, I've recently been looking into getting a Blackberry.  Well with my current cell phone company I just can't justifiy the added expense.  Boost Mobile makes it easily affordable, their unlimited Blackberry plan is even cheaper than my NON smartphone plan from my current company!

Along with making the latest in cell phone technology afffordable they also make it easier to pay your bill with  Re-Boost.  You can pay your bill online with automatic payments, a one time payment online.  Or you can pay in person or online.  Friends & family can also put money into your account towards your phone bill!  How great would that be?!

You can also access twitter & facebook from your Boost Mobile phone. Its become second nature to me when I'm out and about with free time, especially at Logan's football games, to check and update my facebook and twitter accounts.  I've been dangerously close to going over my monthly mb's on my current plan, it would be great to have unlimited access to my social networking sites each month.

I wish my contract with my current company was up soon because I know exactly where I will be heading in the future for my cell phone.  Just browsing through their site ordering, activating and paying your bill is a piece of cake. I will definetly be getting that Blackberry I've been drooling over!

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