Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School

Yesterday was the big day.  The first day of first grade!  I could tell Logan was a little nervous.  He got up as soon as I went to his room to wake him.  He didn't want to eat anything, normally I can't eat breakfast 'early' either so I don't force him.  He did finally want toast though.  I went over with him where the bus would drop him off at school, its different from last year.  What his teachers name is, so he could ask for directions.  There was going to be staff there to help the younger students find their way around.

We had his bookbag all ready to go, we just had to put his water bottle in and head out the door.  Cole had spent the night at his grandparent's house (my parents) the night before, him and my mom showed up to see Logan get on the bus.  Logan & Cole were both grouchy and wouldn't let me get a picture of them together...

Logan waiting for the bus...

That's his new favorite shirt we bought while back to school shopping.  We watched shark week this year and he is now obsessed with sharks.  When we were picking out what he would wear last week, I had originally had another outfit picked out.  He saw that shirt and said, "no!  I have to wear the shark shirt.  Maybe I'll meet another kid because he will say he likes sharks too!" How cute is that?!  Its so hard as the boys' get older and putting them in situations like that.  When they are unsure of themselves.  Plus Logan has always been fairly outgoing and its hard to watch, as he grows, become more shy. 

His first day seemed to go well, I wasn't home when he got home yesterday though, my mom picked him up and brought him to work for me to talk to quick.  He said it was fine and he likes his teacher.  Hopefully that holds true throughout the year.  He told me last night when I was taking him to bed, that one of his friends at football said she's mean, he said to me he's wrong, she's not mean I like her.  I really hope that is the case!  Why can't the teachers that I had still be there?!  It would be so much easier!! 

Cole hasn't been joining us too much at football practice.  It started with him just staying with my mom during practice.  Then he didn't want to come home with us, he wanted to spend the night with her.  So we'd let him.  One day would turn into two days and sometimes three days.  Its gotten to be  a problem.  Though there are worse problems to have. I guess I should just count ourselves lucky that he has a mamaw that wants to spend time with him and he wants to spend time with her.  We have enough of the other kind of grandparents, the ones who are too busy to attend sporting events or too oblivious to spend any time with the grandkids. Honestly I used to care but frankly I don't anymore.  I would like to tell these people how it is though because their not only hurting a relationship with their grandchildren but also with us too.  If I could I would change ALOT of things....

Anyway, I <3 this picture.  He just picked his chair up the other day and moved it to the edge of the field to watch practice.  He looks like he knows what he's watching.
Watching the game...


  1. i can't eat breakfast 'early' either. i actually wait until i get to school to have my breakfast. lol. glad to hear that he likes his teacher and i hope he keeps liking her too. :) you know, i don't think there's anything wrong with cole spending lots of time with his mamaw. he probably gets more attention there, you know?

  2. I'm not a breakfast eater at all, LOL. I probably should be.

    Is Cole still spending a lot of time at your mom's place? If my mom wanted to take one of the boys for a few days, I'd love the break. LOL. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys, but sometimes a break is nice too. :)