Thursday, August 12, 2010

Football & End of Summer

Isn't he so friggin handsome?!  Maybe I'm just biased but I love to see him in his uniform!  I can't wait to see his game uniform!! 

Things are going a little better on the football front.  I think he's starting to like it a little more.  Hopefully Saturday he'll like it more so, its their first scrimmage.  He just frustrates Ryan & I because we KNOW he can do a better job he's just not trying for whatever reason, I think he's being shy because he doesn't know the kids on his team or at least the ones he's been tackling.  When we go over drills or whatever at home he GETS it and he does it for us but not for his coaches.  We've started going for ice cream after practice on Friday night, well two of his coaches were there this past week.  Logan was by a bench and put his milkshake down, stood back from it, got in his stance and ran for the milkshake like he would tackle it, EXACTLY like he should be doing at practice but for whatever reason doesn't.  Then he said, after we both said thats how he SHOULD do it, " I hope my coach saw me."  WTF?!  Show them AT practice!!! 

I was just sitting here thinking that school is soon going to start, officially two weeks from yesterday he will be back in school.  Where did the summer go?!  I think this was our worst summer ever, we did NOTHING.  I was going to stay home tomorrow and clean (god knows my house needs it, I'm never home anymore!) but I think I'll let it be and take my boys out for lunch and maybe for a swim.  It'll be clean some day, right? Besides, who needs folded laundry? ;) 


  1. it looks good in here. :) he looks SO grown up in his uniform! omg!! glad that he is starting to like it. let him get comfortable and he'll start to show his coaches what he's made of. ;)

  2. So cute in his uniform! He does look so grown up!