Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday Night Football...Practice.

Last night was the first night of full equipment practice.  I'm not very happy with the fact that his uniform is HUGE on him.  When we got to equipment pick up they were short on small sized pants and apparently jerseys too.  So we had to take a medium.  His pants are suppose to stop at or above the knee, his go to his ankle.  The good thing is its only his practice uniform, hopefully the game uniform will be a better fit.  I had overheard a coach talking to a friend and apparently our first scrimmage game will be August 14th, crazy!  This is also our first full week of practice. I think we'll all pretty much be sick of it by Friday ;)

So not much else has really been going on.  Trying to keep up with the house when I am home and also work on the decluttering project.  I didn't get as much done this weekend as I had hoped, nothing really even to post about. 

I'm upset about the fact that its August already, soon time for back to school.  I'm not ready for it, I like having both boys home.  What am I going to do when Cole goes to school?!  We didn't really even do anything this summer, I guess that's what I'm bummed the most about.  Not that we have ever gone on huge vacations but we usually do more day trips then we have this year.  We're hoping to get to the Aquarium in Baltimore in the next few weeks, we'll see though. 

I have some other personal family and friend things going on.  A lot of drama.  Haven't decided yet if I want to blog about it all or not.  Maybe later...


  1. a lot of drama? oh dear. hopefully it all sort of works itself out (for your sake!). i'm with you, can't believe school is starting up already! how does logan like practicing in full uniform so far? the first game will be soon enough!

  2. Finally catching up on your blog. Did you end up going to the Aquarium in Baltimore? Day trips sound like a lot of fun too! Nothing wrong with them!

    Drama sucks. Hope that was all sorted out.

    Can't wait to hear more about football. Too bad his uniform is huge on him.