Thursday, July 29, 2010

Organizing & Football

I've really come to find with being busy I haven't had too many chances to blog.  When  I don't, I really miss it!  Crazy.  So sorry if this post is about a million different things.  I've been finding myself writing different posts in my head so then I forget what I've REALLY posted and what I've pretend posted in my head.

Football camp is over but practice is underway.  I still can't get over how....intense they are about friggin smurf football.  Not sure how it is in other football leagues (I'm new)  but ours is  midget football (have to admit the complete name, don't want any crazies finding us ;) and then the age divisions go smurf (6-7) peewee (I think some 7, mostly 8-9) then it goes onto pony and midget, not sure their age ranges.  After midgets you would then be into high school football.

Anyway, Logan has football practice M-F from 6-8 until school starts, it starts here Aug 25th.  After school starts its Tues-Thurs.  Games will be Saturday/Sunday and there are occassional Saturday morning practices.  WTF?!  I've just been praying and hoping that he doesn't get sick of it anytime soon.  UGH.  Next week starts full equipment practice, that will be the REAL test.  Its just so hard watching him out there, he's sort of small compared to the other kids and slow.  I just want to go out there and do it for him. 

Today I finally got around to starting my decluttering project.  It actually went pretty well.  I'm hoping to do something every single day, though that's going to be harder now with the crazy football schedule.   I can't tell you how much better I feel just getting a few drawers and cupboards in my kitchen cleaned out.  I can't wait to start on the rest of my house.

Well have to head to bed soon,  I'll try get a pic of Logan tomorrow at practice.

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  1. i'm tired just listening to how often he has practice and he's 6? I'm sure you're both ready to crash into your beds once you get home after practice. hopefully next week will go okay with the full on equipment!