Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Day, Bloody Noses

So far today has been a fairly busy day for us. Relatively speaking, our summer days haven't been overly busy, not like during the school year when I feel like I spend most of my day in the car.

To start off the morning I had my first MOPS steering team meeting for the upcoming year. I'm super excited for the new year of MOPS to start, I can't wait!  Its hard for me to believe I've been apart of the group for 5 years now!  Wow! Where exactly did the time go?!  You might be wondering what exactly MOPS is?  Here is their website for more info http://www.mops.org/. Its a christian based moms group, for mothers of children ages 0-K.  All I can say about my group is honestly, I don't know what I'd have been doing the past 5 years without them.  When I had Logan I didn't have any mom friends or even any friends who were married so it was hard.  While I still enjoyed my old friends, it just isn't the same.  I had heard about MOPS on a message board I was on and searched out a group in my area.  Low and behold there was a group 5 minutes from my house.  I was never so nervous in all my life to show up at that first meeting but I did it.  I still remember standing in the church vestibule, waiting to sign in, not knowing ANYONE, it seemed like everyone else knew each other and here I was.  If any of you all know me, you know this was very hard for me, especially then.  I feel like I have come out of my shell a little since then and honestly I credit being on the steering team for that. 
Anyway, any of you moms of preschoolers out there check it out!  Even if you don't count yourself as a christian or just aren't into any type of religion.  While I can only speak for my group, while it is a part of the group, its not something that is shoved down your throat and your not looked down upon if its not your 'thing'. 

After that I ran a few errands at the store and then went to pick the boys' up from my mom.  She mentioned taking the boys for lunch so we went to McD's and left them play on the outdoor play equipment.  I should have known better because it rained pretty badly last night.  The inside of the equipment doesn't drain out well and was soaking wet still.  No sooner did I realize this and I heard a thump and Cole started to cry.  Logan lead him back down and he was dripping wet from head to toe and his nose was bleeding!  Super great!!  We came home got him settled on the couch with icarly and now I'm working on dishes, laundry and cleaning. 

I'm hoping to get everything cleaned up/washed today because tonight we are canning more pickles (FUN!!....NOT!!) and tomorrow after work I plan on coming home and not really doing much of anything since its my birthday!!!  Ryan snuck my gift upstairs the other day...it looked a little too small to be that ipad I was drooling over the other week ;)

Hope everyone is having a super fabulous week!  Off to fold more laundry!!!


  1. Still jealous you have a MOPS group near you. I don't have one by me. And my area where I live there are a lot of "jappy" moms, that I can't stand. Ones who shop only at Juicy and Lululemon and crap like that, and even their babies were brand name crap. BARF! I need new mommy friends!

  2. so what'd ryan get you for your birthday?? :)