Friday, July 9, 2010


I am so glad today is Friday! 

Though this week did seem to fly by, I'm so over it.  We do have a semi busy weekend ahead of us though.

 Tomorrow we are headed to Knoebels with some family members.  Sunday will probably be a day to catch up on everything that I've been slacking on before another week starts again. 
I'm really hoping to make it to my knitting group tonight, I didn't make it last week, was planning on this week but I'm not sure now, I have a million things to get ready for tomorrow plus I have a bunch of green beans I want to can before they go bad. 

I'm still waiting to see Eclipse...don't know how much longer I can wait though, I'm trying not to think about the fact that its out.

Yesterday I started working on getting stuff organized and ready for a yard sale.  I absolutely HATE having yard sales but last year we had our very first one and did rather good.  So I figured this year I'd try a little harder and maybe we'd do even better.  I have three huge boxes of toys already.  I haven't even touched the clothes yet.  Part of me just wants to drop it all off at goodwill, we'll see. 

Oh, I ordered my yarn the other night for the boys' sweaters.  I actually picked a different one for Cole, I saw this and knew he would LOVE it.

I finally feel like my summer is officially underway, Big Brother started last night.  Ryan and I have watched it every year its been on, LOVE it! 

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  1. What yarn are you using for the Big Digger? Are you making them each one?

    I'm 2 episodes now behind on BB. I see they finally said who the Saboteur is, and I'm hoping no one on Facebook reveals who it is. I wont get to watch both episodes until at least the weekend. I watch it with Jamie and he's at baseball tonight and I was at knitting last night.

    Good for you for the yard sale! I am not ready to get rid of any of the big ticket kids stuff yet, with number 3 on the way. Plus, I'm sure my sister would want me to keep stuff for her one day kids... (she's not married yet, but expecting a ring come their anniversary in August - 8 years they've been together already!)