Saturday, August 21, 2010

What To Do...What To Do...

This past week has been a semi crazy one for me.  Dr's appts, being sick, getting ready for the new school year to start... I can't believe Logan will be a big first grader next Wednesday. 

I found out who his teacher for the upcoming year is & I'm not too happy about it.  I've been hearing some pretty terrible things about her. I don't want to get into what I've heard here, in this public forum but its bad, not abuse bad but still makes you wonder WHY she's still a teacher.   People are suggesting that I call the school on Monday and demand he be put in a different class.  The problem is I'm not really a confrontational person.  I mean put in a situation where something has been done to me first of course I can stand up for myself or my family but I have to be in the right place or frame of mind to do it.  Most of the times I can just let things blow over and be like "whatever."  Plus I'm also a big believer in the whole adage that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe he's ment to be in that class only we may not know that reason for awhile or we may find it out next week...who knows.

I just don't want to be THAT mom, kwim?  I also don't want Logan to fall behind this year when he's finally caught up.  He had a little bit of a hard time last year in reading and by the end of the year he was right where he needed to be.  Plus its just hard for me because growing up, we just sucked it up and dealt with the teachers we were given, at least in my family.  It was what it was.  You learned to deal with different kinds of people that way. Heck, my 2nd grade teacher had his paddles lined up around his room, one even had his name on it!  I can't IMAGINE letting my child in a classroom like that now!! 

So any advice out there in blogland??  I sure could use it now, time is running short, I HAVE to call Monday morning if I'm going to have any shot in getting him moved....


  1. It's hard to offer an opinion without really knowing exactly what kind of behavior she's being accused of. Does she play favorites? Is she unrealistic in homework/classwork? Does she call out and embarrass kids in front of everyone? Does she punish kids for no reason...?? It's so hard to have an opinion about this.

    I would say follow your gut. If it means having him moved, than do it.

  2. if your gut is tellin' you to pull him out of this class, you better do it. you'll regret it. the last thing you want is to see what everyone has been talking about come true. i could only imagine what you've heard. granted some of the stories might be exaggerated, but they didn't come from nothing.