Monday, September 13, 2010

Update & Catching Up

I can't believe its been so long since I've made a 'real' post. Things have been CRAZY!!

First things first...

Football is still going strong. I'm so glad we are down to three practices a week though. Though I am getting more and more turned off this sport the more I am around some of these parents. They seem to think their children are going from the smurf division straight to the NFL. I haven't seen any scouts there yet but I could be wrong ;)

I am a little upset with his coaches. The smurf division is for LEARNING. They don't even keep score. Well let me clarify that..they aren't SUPPOSED to keep score but we all know they do. Logan and a few of the same kids are not being put into games or even the practice scrimmage games much at all. Its ridiculous. You can bet though the coaches kids' are in ALL the time. So yeah, I think an email to the coaches is in order. I've heard that the head smurf coach has even noticed it and has told our coaches to put these kids in more and they haven't. I'm planning on going to practice tomorrow night, I'll have to see what I can find out.

Second thing...

I'm going to be having some surgery this week. That came out of nowhere, right?! Its nothing major, I'm having my gallbladder out on Thursday. I've been having some issues the past few weeks, actually in hindsight the past few months. I went to the dr about two weeks ago and after some blood work and other testing they've found I have gallstones. So the surgeon suggested that this is the next logical step because once you have one attack chances are you will have more. Let me tell you I'd rather not go through that again. Though I am a little freaked at surgery, I've never been cut open, even a little bit before. Plus she told me I'll have to spend the night in the hospital. So not looking forward to that.

On the knitting front...

I've started working on some things. I have a number of gifts I need to get working on. I don't want to run into the mad rush two weeks before Christmas this year deciding that I need to knit 15 different things. Though everything I've been working on can't really be discussed here because some of the recipents read my blog.

I've also had more decluttering progress but I haven't updated that blog in awhile. Hoping to get back into it soon. I'm still hoping to have a yard sale sometime before it gets too cold out. Not sure when that will happen with football games on Saturdays!


  1. ugh. really???? at the smurf level it starts?? that's just horrible. it's supposed to be about fun not about winning. i hope you do more than email. lol. ack surgery? i'll be thinking about you this week. i'm sure it'll go fine. it's a pretty basic procedure that gets done all the time but I get the nervousness. I've never been cut open for anything either! Will be sending some good thoughts your way for sure. :) i'm glad someone has been knitting! ;)

  2. I didn't even think about Xmas knitting yet. I probably should... LOL... it'll be here before I know it, and I know when it is, since I'm due Xmas day, LOL. Thankfully baby bot will be here before then.

    Surgery! Really!?? Hope everything goes smoothly. Did you have it out already?? I am a bit behind on your blog - catching up now. Hope you're doing okay. Sending you happy recovery thoughts.

    Can't wait to see what you've been knitting on!