Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

So...its been a pretty busy week here at our house. For starters last Thursday was the day I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed. Everything went well and uneventful. I'm still a little sore & tired, trying to get back into the swing of everything.

Football is still going...I can't wait until its over I really, really can't. Though I can't complain too much I think the last day I was there was last Tuesday, I do really miss going. I even had to miss a game on Saturday which I'm upset about but I'm planning on going to this weeks game. All I keep telling myself, after this weeks game, only 3 more to go!! YAY!! I really don't hate it that much and I might be a little sad if Logan does decide not to play next year. Its fun & exciting. Just wish some of the people and organization could be a little different.

My house is a total disaster.  Don't get me wrong, Ryan was doing a lot to help out when I first came home, but there's just all those other things he just doesn't 'see'.  Oh just looking at it all makes me tired...

That is just a small glimpse of the mess that is my house.  The train table that has turned into the catcher of everything that comes into the house...

I think Cole has the right idea on how to spend the day.  And of course you can notice more of the mess....

 I would MUCH rather spend my day playing with this beautiful yarn.  This picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice.  A close friend of mine dyed this lovely stuff up for me because I needed it for a swap I'm participating in on Ravelry.  I really am going to have a hard time giving it up...

I guess I could go start the dishwasher and feel a little productive before I sit down to work on letters I want to get sent out and my reading then hopefully I can sit down and work on some knitting :)


  1. That does look like lovely yarn! What swap is it for?

    Glad to hear your surgery went well! Do you have a big scar? Not sure how they do that surgery. Take it easy so you recover well :)

    Mess.... you haven't seen my house! My boys are disasters when it comes to toys and stuff. And I can't do too much right now with the pregnancy restrictions... so it remains a mess. :(

  2. mess? you haven't seen mine either. lol. oh and don't remind me about my own pile of letters and not to mention books that i want to read as well! you're allowed some clutter. glad you're doing all right after your surgery!