Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday.

I am so mad right now.  I thought I'd get to be relaxing tonight with my netbook on my lap surfing the net on the couch.  I finally got around to sending it back to be repaired two weeks ago and I got the confirmation email on friday that it was fixed and on its way back to me.  Horray!  Not so fast.  The fedex man arrived at my house bright and early this morning and handed me my love.  I came in and ripped the box open, raced out to find the charger in the living room and plugged her in.  Pushed the power button and nothing.  WTF?  The paper that was in the box said it was repaired and tested.  So I messed with the cord, unplugged it and plugged it back in and even tried several different outlets.  Still nothing.  So I had to call Acer.  OMG.  Seriously, would it kill you to have a human being answer the phone?!  After screaming at the phone I finally got a real live person and they decided its the power cord that is bad.  Seriously?!  I paid $30 to ship the damn thing back to you and now its the power cord?!  I know the plug was bad because the cord wouldn't even stay in the computer towards the end, it would fall right back out.   So now I have to pay to ship my part of the cord back before they will send me a new one.  This is seriously starting to be a pain in the rear end.  ::Sigh::  I don't care at this point I just really, really want my netbook back. 

Then this afternoon I got the chance to go in and help out in Logans class.  They were studying Johnny Appleseed and the teacher had each student bring apples in today and she made applesauce.  I went in to help her get it dished out.  OMG.  Yeah, she needs help. I personally could NEVER be a teacher.  My child is not an angel not at all.  Wow.  All I can say is these kids would never have acted this way with Logans teacher from last year.  So I told her to please email me anytime she wants some extra help I'd be glad to come in whenever I could.  Logan did get in trouble last week, he was being disruptive in class but honestly the way some of those kids were today was ridiculous.  I really hope she contacted their parents like she did me about Logan. 

Knitting is going well, I think I am FINALLY going to be getting back to my knitting group this Friday.  I haven't been there in FOREVER!   I'm still working on my item for the Halloween vamp swap I'm doing on Ravelry, when I'm finished I will post a pic of it and everything I got for my partner.  I hope she likes everything! 


  1. ALL of us teachers need help in the classroom especially in the afternoon. lol. it is awesome that you went in to help-hopefully logan's teacher will take you up on you coming in whenever she needs you. :) we need more parents like you!! ugh..sorry to hear about all the crap you have to deal with regarding your netbook. :P

  2. That is so nice of you to help out at the school. Does sound like a lot of fun, despite the challenging kids.

    I haven't been to my knit group either in forever, seems like it's folded. Oh well. I'm either too tired to go out or find it runs late and I'm beat. Hope you have fun at knit night.

    For your laptop (I have an Acer too) and you know you can buy generic laptop plugs? I know we sell them where I work. I actually brought one home so I would have one in more than 1 room. LOL. It's probably less expensive than shipping the cord back to Acer.