Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally, an intro....


Today was our second snow day. Its not so 'fun' anymore. I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I can't stand sitting at home. Don't get me wrong there are a million things I should have been doing today but I just didn't feel like doing any of them.

We really didn't even do anything 'fun'. Honestly it seemed like all I got done doing today was preparing meals, washing dishes, preparing meals, washing dishes, preparing get the picture. It seems like all we get done doing is EATING!

I guess I never really gave those of you who don't already know us (if there are any) any background info on us.

My name is Kim and I've been married to Ryan for the past 8 years, though we've been together since I was 16 and him 17. Crazy, huh? Yeah I know. Though I can't imagine being married to anyone else..well, maybe Kenny Chesney but well yeah don't think that's gonna happen. ;) (Kenny, if you're out there, call me ;))

We have two boys. First there is Logan, the 6 year old. He just started Kindergarten and he loves it. Thankfully. He just got put in all day school after Christmas break. I was a little mad at first and worried. But he seems to be doing well now. Though I didn't think he was doing all that bad before, I think they expect SO much out of kids now at such a younger age. But whatever that's a post for a different day....he's my laid back kid, doesn't really let anything bother him. He can be silly and crazy and totally not as quiet/shy as his dad and I can be. Not really sure where he gets his outgoing nature from. He loves spongebob, icarly and video games.

Finally there is Cole, the 2 year old. Oh boy...where do I start with Cole? He is completely the opposite from Logan in every way. While Logan was the easiest baby & toddler in the world Cole is/was not. He is a crazy, wild BOY. He's full of energy and is usually running wild through the house or jumping off the couch. Cole is also a total mommy's boy he can't stay away from me. He loves Spongebob, dinos and any kind of heavy equipment/tractors.

We have a crazy house full here. I think though we are finished having anymore kids. I think one more would send me over the edge. Along with the people in the house we also have two dogs, Mac, who is SUPPOSED to be an American Bulldog/Hounddog mix I don't really think he is. He's basically just a ginourmous dog.

Then there is Ryan and I's first baby, Buddy, he's our daschund, we got him before we were married and he's spoiled rotten.

Then Billy, the cat. He is Logan's cat and he is the weirdest, friendliest cat I have ever had. Normal cats run and hide from kids no matter how long they have been around them (at least all of mine did!) not Bill. HE comes looking for the kids. He even lets Cole hold him. Crazy cat.

Whenever I have spare time (ha!) I like to read though I haven't been reading anything lately. Though I do love the Sookie Stackhouse series and Twilight ;) I also really like to knit. I was on a knitting 'break' because I just couldn't get into anything I was making. Now though I can't knit enough and its sort of hard to do when a 2 year old feels the need to walk off with the ball of yarn attached to my project. During this fabulous snow break I finally got my "Bella's Mittens" done. I love, love, love them! Its a pattern I found on Ravelry that is a take off of a pair of mittens the character Bella wears in the movie Twilight and I saw a glimpse of them in New Moon as well.

I hope to use this blog to 'show off' some of my finished projects, maybe that will help me get more things finished!


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