Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today was Valentine's Day.  Ryan and I really didn't do anything, a few years ago we started the tradition of buying 'special' food and having a nice dinner at home.  It probably started when Logan was a baby and we've just kept it up.  Its actually easier and cheaper than going out.  At least I think so anyway.  We don't have to find a sitter, we don't have to wait and wait and wait to get in somewhere and did I mention its cheaper??   We had our special Valentine's dinner last night.  On the menu was NY strip steaks, shrimp, clams and super yummy jumbo lump crabcakes.  Then we had ice cream sundaes for dessert.  It was REALLY good.   
This morning I decided to make a special valentines day breakfast for my boys.  I thought I had a heart shaped pancake mold but I couldn't find instead I just made pink pancakes with whipped cream. The boys also had their vday gifts waiting for them before we ate.

I didn't really get them much this year, they honestly don't need it.  Besides its Valentine's Day what more could they want than candy?  Ryan got me the obligitory box of chocolates, a card and an itunes gift card which I needed!  I don't want to charge my d/l's on my cc anymore (I'll get myself in trouble that way).  Since I got this  Apple iPod touch 8 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL for Christmas I can't stop downloading songs and audiobooks.

After breakfast Ryan did the cleanup (yay!) and Mac and I layed down for a nap.  It was rather nice considering Cole had been up since 5:30am.  I love sundays for that reason, just lounging around and taking afternoon (midmorning?) naps.  Cole even eventually went to sleep as well. 

After we woke up we just sort of lounged around, the boys played, Ryan watched the Daytona 500 and I got to sit and work on knitting (another yay!!) I am currently working on this  

It is the Multnomah shawl which can be found on  If you are a knitter or crocheter and you are NOT on ravelry yet...GO NOW!  Its an amazing place full of thousands of patterns, forums and friends its great! 

That was about it for our relaxing Valentine's Day.  Logan has off school tomorrow for President's Day and of course they are calling for more friggin snow.  I'm ready to move...seriously.  I'm hoping and praying it doesn't amount to much! 

That's all for now...more tomorrow!



  1. That was the longest race in history!!! I am also knitting that shawl-- they do have a group on ravelry for it! great pattern! It sounds like a peaceful day!

  2. Ugh it really was! I wasn't paying much attention to it though. Cool I'll have to check the group out! I am really enjoying working on it, its easy enough that I don't loose my place and its easy to put down and remember where I am.