Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool


It has been rainy and absolutely miserable here the past two days.   Today it did absolutely nothing but rain. 

Luckily both boys had school today, if they would have been stuck home and inside again today it wouldn't have been pretty.   It was Cole's first official day of preschool, he was brave the whole way.  When the tears started to fall he very roughly brushed them from his eyes.....Here is a pic of the two off to school....

What is especially cute about this picture, right before I snapped it Logan told Cole to put his arm around him and when he did Cole said to Logan "do you love me brother?"  :*)  it was so cute.  Logan said yes as I hit the button. 

Oh,  like how the tractor gets to sit in out of the rain and snow in the carport but my car has to sit out in it?   There is something not right about that.  


  1. lol. what is up with your car being out in the rain and snow while the tractor gets coverage! what a sweet memory. :)

  2. Preschool! Awesome! Hope he has a great year too.

    They are so cute with each other.