Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Look Ahead & Organization


I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am that it is soon time for summer vacation!!  I'm not even in school anymore and I sure don't get the summer off from my job but I just love this time of the year.   The summer just seems to hold so much promise for exciting things to happen.

We don't have any major summer vacation plans, not that we ever do anyway.   Though we have been talking about doing a mini vacay to Philadelphia.   Cole is over the moon about dinosaurs, mostly TRex.  I have found one of the many museums in the city have a full TRex skeleton and an amazing dinosaur hall exhibit.  So we have been talking about going into the city for a few days and seeing a Phillies game, the dinos and possibly the zoo along with various other Philly attractions.   Last week I started really searching out hotels and I wasn't having much luck, I don't really know much about the city and where we wanted to stay.  I then started looking for Phillies tickets and surprisingly I got some the Phillies stitch n pitch night.  I was ridiculously excited because I'm not much of a baseball fan but I'm all about a chance to sit with a bunch of other knitters and knit!  I'm just not crazy about the fact that it is the week after school lets out and we still aren't sure what we are doing about the other stuff or if we are even staying over night.   I'm also hoping the boys will sit fairly well and watch the game or at least sit and be semi good. We had a sort of introduction to the Phillies this morning.   Today Cole got to 'meet' the Phanatic at our brand spankin' new Walmart.

Cole is there between my mom and the Phanatic, he of course was terrified of him and wanted nothing to do with him.  Hopefully he'll be more excited when we go to the game.  

A few posts ago I wrote and shown how my yarn is organized.   It was a giant mess and knew it needed something.   We are almost finished with remodeling the boys' new bedroom, right off of their new room is an area. Back in the day I believe it was used as a bedroom but now its just a room.   I've decided to turn it into a toy/tv room.  In this room is where I had a hodge podge shelf of some of my yarn.  The rest was in bags and totes all through my house.   Also in this area is an awesome wood hutch that Ryan's grandfather made for mil.   Its not just a hutch, he made it for her to store fabric, patterns and other sewing notions in.   I had been using it haphazardly, sort of a linen closet/place to put random things I don't know what to do with closet.    

Duh.   I'm not really sure why it took me so long to figure out how incredibly  PERFECT it is for me! 

On the left, there are these pegs that were meant to hang fabric from,  they are perfect for hanks of yarn!  I love it so much. I swear every time I walk up the stairs I open the doors just to look at it all!  Though it does make me a little sick seeing it all together like that.  Plus, that's not even all of it. I still have my recent MDSW purchases in the living room in bags yet.    I really have to start using what I have, I am officially on a yarn diet until next years MDSW.   For real.   I mean it. 



I am ridiculously excited for my three day weekend coming up.  No major plans,  hoping to do some planting on Saturday, family cookouts on Sunday and strawberry picking/relaxing on Monday! 

Stay tuned for a look at my newest addiction as well as a review.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. cool that you found a use for that hutch. i love the pegs!

  2. Is that a heart bracelet? It's quite neat!

    The baseball stitch n pitch sounds like a lot of fun. We no longer have a ball team here (we used to have the Expos).

    The idea to go into Philly sounds like fun! Are the boys too old to go to Sesame Place? We had a ball there last summer. Or what about the Please Touch Museum (another hit!)

    Love love love your new "yarn organizer!" It's awesome!