Monday, January 10, 2011


I was just looking at my blog layout...dandelions?  blue skies?  green grass?  OH how I wish!  I am so over winter already and its barely even gotten started.  I so want summer.  I just find it so odd...I used to HATE summer.  Just a few years ago.  Now when I was still in school I liked summer because we weren't in school and for my birthday.  Then there was a time, a short time but it was there, that I hated summer with a passion.  As far as I was concerned we could have skipped right over it.  I hate being sweaty and hot ( I still do dislike that part of it) and I just much preferred fall/winter. 

Oh how times have changed.  I even now live in a house without central a/c and I still like summer more than winter.  I can't stand being cold anymore, this from the girl who never would wear a winter coat in high school.  I would actually like to know why teenagers never seem to be cold because my nephew is now the same way. 

I digress...

I still haven't figured out why my card slot isn't working.  I've given up on this netbook.  I'm not dealing with the Acer people again.  Now though I believe it would be up to Walmart to cover the warranty. So, sorry I might be even shorter with the pictures.  I'll try to start snapping more with my phone. 

I am excited to announce that I am now writing for a local online magazine type deal.  I haven't decided if I will post a link to it on this blog or not.  My full name is featured on that blog and it is about local things.  I'm not sure if I want that all thrown out there on this blog or not.  Those of you that know me and want the link just let me know.  Hopefully I can pull it off.  I'm sort of nervous...I have to right about things to do.  We'll see.  I just wrote my first post and I have an idea for my next one but after that...yeah not sure what it'll be about. 

I can't remeber how much or if I ever posted on here about the fact that Logan & Cole share a room and we have been in the process of remodeling another room for them to move into.  I am pleased to announce that after almost THREE years it is ALMOST done.  For REAL this time!!  I am beyond excited.  It seems like this room is the ONE reason the rest of my entire house is unorganized.

 Really that's the reason.  Its ALL about that room.  ;)

 Honestly once that room is done and their current room is emptied out I can finally organize their toys and get them out of my living room.  I can't wait!! 

Well I'm currently freezing so I need to stop typing and go put on some gloves or something. 

And maybe dream about those dandelions, blue skies and green grass.....

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  1. oh, that is awesome that the other room is nearly finished! oooh, that is exciting that you are writing for a local online magazine. send me the link! :)