Monday, August 26, 2013

My Boys

Monday marked the first day of school for both of my boys.   I can't believe how quickly time is flying by.  Logan will be entering the 4th grade & Cole Kindergarten. 

Where has this time gone?

It feels like yesterday Logan was the one just entering school.  I remember that first year,  I was so unsure of myself at school.  It was my first time being there since I had finished 5th grade back in 1990.  I wasn't sure how to embrace the 'grown up' roll.  I've finally gotten over that feeling, sometimes now I think I should have my own parking space there ;) Or at least be collecting a paycheck ;)

Now all these years later, I find my memories of the school are being overshadowed by new memories.  I'll be working in one of the pods trying to remember which teacher was were & who was in my classes & I start listing in my head, the current teachers & students. 

I am so incredibly thankful that I am able to be involved at school, I love that I 'know' most of the kids in Logan's grade & I can't wait to be that familiar with the kids in Coles'.  I'm so grateful for the friendships that we've both made, friendships that have carried over to our many other activities. 

I'm very curious to see how Cole handles this transition into school.  I don't worry about Cole making friends, that is one thing that Cole has covered.  That boy can go ANYWHERE & have an instant friend in about 5 minutes.  I envy that part of his personality.  The things I'm worried about with Cole are his behavior (that's #1).  The thing with Cole is once he is comfortable in a situation, he can be kinda crazy.  However one thing he doesn't like is getting trouble. :)  I'm also worried about him being lost or not sure of where to go.  Now he's not going to have much chance to be roaming free through the halls of the school but once he's on his own to find his way to class, I worry.  I worry about when he's stuck on something & just wants his brother.  He told me the other day that when school work gets to hard he'll just ask his brother for help.  I think he thinks he'll be able to just march down the hall and get Logan.  With Coles personality I honestly wouldn't put it past him. 

Logan, OTH, has always marched to the beat of his own drummer.  I remember worrying constantly about him having friends.  He's not much of a social butterfly.  He has friends but mostly a core group.  He's not one to easily make friends, not at all like Cole.  I remember once asking him if kids picked on him, I believe he was in 1st grade and he was constantly talking about 4th & 5th graders on the buss.  He said "Idk, I don't care if they do, that's their problem if they don't like me, not mine."  I remember being blown away by his response.  How could my 6 year old be so friggin wise, when I at, 30 years old couldn't even begin to think that way if I felt slighted by someone?   Even this year going to look at the class lists & going over the names of the kids in his class, I asked him if he was upset that he was mostly split up from his friends.  He said "no."  I would have been devastated.  Maybe its a girl/boy thing, maybe my son just has more self confidence then me. 

I often think about each of these distinct characteristics my boys have & wonder how to make sure they don't get taken from them.  I hope that nobody ever breaks them & makes them lose this self confidence they both seem to have that I am sorely lacking.

I also hope that nothing EVER destroys this bond they have with each other.  Now, don't get me wrong the can fight & fight bad but at the end of it, they still remain the best of friends.  I don't know how Logan ever was by himself & Cole wouldn't know what to do without Logan. They share a room, not by necessity but by choice.  When we remodeled their room, we gave them both the choice of rooms and they both decided together that they wanted to stay together.   They have bunk beds but sleep in one.  They both insist that when they grow up they are living together.  Not with wives or girlfriends but they are remaining single.  They have told me they are living here, not sure where Ryan & I are going, they'll probably throw us in a nursing home for the house.  However, my mom just told me that they have laid claim to my parents house when they grow up.

 Its probably the better choice, its newer and has a pool ;)


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