Thursday, August 29, 2013

Football Saturday!

I was just going through posts & for some reason this didn't publish last weekend...So here you go, an update on the boys' first games of the season!

Today was both boys' first official football games!  I'm so upset but I didn't get many pictures of Coles game.   We were running a little behind &  I had to text Ryan to bring my camera.  I made sure to have him check that it had a memory card but I should have had him grab a spare.  I snapped off maybe 4 pictures & I got the dreaded message that it was full.   I did delete some but it was too hard to see the screen & see if they were ones I wanted to keep. 

This is really the only decent one of him.  The rest were team shots.  Cole is #47.  He's so friggin cute in his uniform :)  He is the smallest guy on the team.  I can't wait until football really clicks with him & he grows into that uniform.  I think he will be pretty unstoppable ;)

Logan was playing center (the guy with his hand on the ball).  He's 2nd string but he eventually made it into the game around the 3rd or 4th quarter.  He did great! No missed snaps & he kept his guy back long enough for the qb to get the ball out. 


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