Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Utterly Embarrassed.

I knew it had been awhile since I posted last but I had NO idea it was before Logan even got out of school for the summer! 

Now here we are, 2 weeks before school starts again and summer is once again over and I am just NOW sitting down to write a post.

It seems like so much has happened since my last post but then again nothing really at all.  

I have a boatload of pictures to upload.  First from our overnight in  Philly, the zoo, the Phillies game and dinosaurs.  Knitting updates.  The garden and haul.  

If its any consolation I have a million blog posts in my head that I HAVE written in the past two months, just for one reason or another they never actually made it to the blog.  ;) 

So you may be wondering what exactly has been going on that I've been too busy to actually put those posts up.  Well, honestly I can't speak for the first half of the summer.  I really have no excuse and nothing really all that exciting to show for it.  Just work, work and more work. 

I have been working 4 and a half days a week now. It all started because Logan had a ridiculous amount of cavaities and we don't have dental insurance.   I was working an extra day to help pay for them now its hard to go back to not working that day, it might only be one day but it does make a difference.  While I don't work anywhere near full time I really don't see how moms that work full time (plus) do it in addition to all of the other 'stuff' .   My house is never clean.  Laundry is constantly just thrown in baskets sometimes folded sometimes not.  It very rarely makes it to drawers, though that is my least fave chore and I hate doing it no matter how much time I have. 

The second half of summer however has become devoted to football.  Yes, Logan decided at the last minute of course to do one more year of the sport.  He had originally just wanted to do football camp which was the next to last week of July.   Then he found out his friend was signing up again for the season and the last weekend of registration decided he wanted to play again as well.

 I feel really good about this season.  Maybe I shouldn't say that, maybe I'm jinxing it.  But it just has a better feeling over all to last year.  Maybe its just because we all know what to expect now, we've been around this block before so to speak.  We are aware of how unorganized it is and are able to just roll with it this year.  Logan also is enjoying it alot more this year.  Not that he HATED it last year, he never refused to go or put up a fight about going but you can see him trying harder on the field at practice and being more confident in what he's doing.  I really hope he makes some lasting friendships this year. 

What else has been going on....

Cole is now officially registered for preschool.  I wasn't going to send him this year.  He's my baby.  I couldn't even think about sending him to school.  Then I started to get worried.  What if he's actually missing out on something that his brother got to do?  So I contacted the preschool that is THE preschool to go to and the hardest to get into and they had an opening, then I contacted the one Logan went to and they did as well.  I felt more comfortable with Logan's preschool so I decided to send him there.  Not that there is anything wrong with the other one but I KNOW this one.  I know what to expect I know how things work.   Plus the drop off time just works better for me.   He seems excited about going, he wants to start now. 

I think really that's about it.  It seems like there should be more considering I've been MIA for two months but really I've got no excuse. 

I really should be getting caught up on my house right now, my fil just came and picked up the boys for a morning out with them.  Instead I'm sitting here (finally) catching up with blogland and drooling over my gorgeous yarn that I recieved yesterday all the way from Germany.....I have so many other almost outdated pics to post but instead I will leave you with this....

This crappy cell phone picture doesn't even come close to doing this yarn justice.  It is gorgeous and so BRIGHT.  I love it!!

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  1. Nice yarn - what a great gift! (Or did you order it from Germany?) What have you been knitting lately?

    Glad to hear that he likes Football even more this year. That's always good when a child actually enjoys the sport he (or she) is doing.

    Did he start pre-school yet? Or does it start in September? I'm sure he'll have a good time.I always feel there is stimulation at pre-school or daycare, etc, that can't be had at home. Interaction with other kids as well. You did the right thing.

    I didn't realize you started working! I don't think you wrote about that in your last letter? Maybe I'm not remembering, need to re-read your letter and finish my response (it's coming!) What do you do for work?

    I also have no idea where the summer went. I can't believe it's mid-August already. Enjoy the rest of your summer!