Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Tournament

As I've mentioned Logan went right from football into wrestling.  Wrestling is a little more laid back than football was and it seems, at least at the beginner level, there wouldn't be any matches/tournaments he would HAVE to go to.  It was actually just what we needed after the intense football schedule.

 Though I am hoping Logan gives football one more shot.  I think he might like it better this year.

Anyway,  this past weekend Logan had the chance to participate in his first wrestling tournament.  It was right up our alley, it was supposed to be for first year wrestlers.   He did OK.  He had three different matches.  He was very nervous, as was I on his first one, the second one he did a little better and his last one he didn't even try he was just done and frankly so was I.   Here are a few pictures from the day....

At the end all of the kids got medals, he was very excited :) 

I'm having a little bit of writers block for my other blog post, I really have to quit stressing about it. I've realized I don't like having a certain 'thing' I have to write about but its pretty cool for the experience.  Hopefully its bringing more readers here....As for that...if you are reading what I'm writing either here or there comment, please!!  I <3 comments :) 

I'm not sure what my problems been these past few days, I've been coming home from work and just crashing pretty much as soon as dinner is over and cleaned up.  I know its because its been yucky and cold and I come home get comfy and kick back to read with my Kindle and just fall asleep.

Knitting was going better, you know before I started falling asleep at 7pm.  I'm working on a baby gift for a friend that reads this so I can't say too much about it yet or post pics.  Once I'm finished with it and she receives it I'll be sure to post about it.  Its actually helped me get out of my knitting funk.  Though the part I've currently been working on has been giving me trouble, hoping to get that all figured out tonight.  You know so I can mail it to her before its too small for her baby boy ;) 

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  1. Is taking someone down in the first shot or being taken down? teehee. that's cool that all the kids get a medal. did he have fun at least? i've been really tired lately too. not sure what it is either.