Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Long Day


Its been a ridiculously long couple of weeks.  Actually its just been a really, really long day. 

For starters Cole has been up since 5:30 am just because.  Logan is on day two of Thanksgiving vacay, he is off until next Monday.  And I pretty much cleaned my entire house today after being sick all weekend. 

I did get to Logan's teacher conference this morning.  It was originally scheduled for yesterday but I had to reschedule because I still wasn't feeling 100%.  She had really good things to say and said that's she seen alot of improvement in him even since the first marking period ended.  Not that his report card was bad but just improvement overall. 

I just cannot get over the fact that Thanksgiving is this week.  I just can't wrap my mind around that. Not to mention the fact that Christmas is right around the cornor.  I am so not ready.  I have hardly anything bought yet which is so unlike me.  Ryan and I are planning on going Friday, not early but at some point.  Just hoping nobody else is sick and I'm feeling better by then.  I just really don't know what to buy at this point. 

One thing I did get accomplished for the holidays is ordering my Christmas cards...finally!!  I'm actually even 'early' this year. Normally I don't get them ordered until well after Thanksgiving because that's when I get the pictures taken for them.  A few weeks ago my sil came up and took some family pictures and pictures of the boys.  We have never had family pictures taken, how crazy is that?! 

This is one of them. I love it.  There were alot of the boys taken at our pond that turned out great too. 

I just got notice that my netbook is on its way back to me...AGAIN!  Its supposed to be here tomorrow, I just hope that I'm home when the fedex dude shows up.  I also really hope its fixed for real this time.  I miss having it so much. 


  1. what a great family shot. i love the brick wall in the background! lol. i'm glad to hear logan's teacher had god things to say. I can't get over that we're already into Thanksgiving either. I'm SO behind on things as well!

  2. That picture of the 4 of you is gorgeous hun! Your SIL did a fantastic job!

    Here's to hoping you have some down time coming up instead of craziness. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Hoping your laptop is fixed this time!