Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Always Catching Up

So, yeah, I thought my life would slow down once football stopped.  Yeah, not so much.  I feel like I'm on the go now more than ever.  

After football ended Logan decided he wanted to sign up for wrestling.  While it hasn't 'offically' started yet, he has been having twice a week optional practices.  He's been going to all of them not because we've been making him but because he WANTS to.  I've never seen him more excited about something in my life.  Its crazy.  I just can't wait to see if he remains interested in it even when they start really wrestling. 

So, its been sports practice, MOPS stuff (steering team meetings, setting up for regular meetings and the meetings themselves) plus trying to have lunch or something occassionally with my MOPS girls because I miss them when I don't.  I'm also participating in a bible study on Proverbs 31.  It has been really interesting.  A little more indepth than I can go into right now or probably ever care to go into but its still helpful all the same.  Its really helped me to focus on what's important in my life.  Those are the things I squeeze in on the two days I'm home from work along with helping out in Logan's class. 

Logan's class....oh my.  I went in this week to help again.  I'm just at a loss.  I don't agree with alot but I have nothing to compare it with, I don't know what they are doing in the other first grade classes but this teacher needs to reevaluate her situation because she has no control over these kids but yet in some areas I think she's a little extreme.  I just pray we can get through this year without any trouble and move on to second grade.  Right now I am so thankful Logan was placed in all day Kindergarten because I think its the only reason he hasn't fallen behind. 

Then there is knitting.  I have many things I need to finish ASAP.  I got my swap package mailed out and recieved mine, let me find a picture.  It came all the way from Norway, how cool is that?!    

It was a really fun swap and I'm glad I participated, I can't wait for the next one!  

I feel terrible because I haven't been to knitting in forever, now I don't know when or how often I will be getting there. My knitting group meets on the two nights that Logan has wresting practice.  Now that normally wouldn't be a huge deal, but we only have the one car that both boys can ride in.  I have to figure out what I'm going to do about getting a ride to knitting, my one knitting friend has offered to come and get me and bring me home.  I feel bad though because its out of the way for her.  I'll still probably take her up on it because I miss them...alot!

I've really got to get better about blogging again...maybe if I EVER get my netbook back in working order I will!  I had to send it back again the other day because the new power cord still didn't fix it.  The Acer guy and I had it out over the phone.  I will NEVER buy one of their products again, its such a pain.  I'm tired of paying all this shipping for something that is under warranty.  At least when I had my HP laptop I could get it shipped back at no charge. 

So of course with all this stuff to do what is it I really want to do?  Read of course!  I started reading Wuthering Heights the other week.  OMG!  Its my new favorite book.  I can't believe I've never read it before.  I also just picked up Outlander after hearing a bunch of my knitting friends discuss it.   I just want to curl up with it and read. 


I'm hoping to get the chance someday...

That's about it for now...

Hopefully I won't take so long to update on everything going on around here. 



  1. i remember reading wuthering heights! there are SO many great classics out there. it's tough trying to squeeze in the great classics plus the new stuff that keeps coming out! great package from your swap partner! glad to hear that logan is loving wrestling. has he had his first meet yet? as for his class...maybe it just seems that way because you're visiting? Sometimes kids act differently when there is a parent volunteer and it could go either way-they get super wound up or they stay the same. It all depends. Hope you try to take some time off to do some knitting!

  2. Man, I wrote this whole response and blogger crashed.

    The short of it is - having worked in that field, companies will make you pay for shipping because how do they know you actually have a defective part and aren't trying to scam them? They will sometimes pay you back if it's deemed their issue, even under warranty. When we ship stuff back for customers under warranty we charge the customer shipping. It sucks, but what can you do? A lot of companies are the exact same way.

    I miss my knit nights too. I hope you get out to yours soon! I dont know when the next time I will get out to a knit night (I am going to Guild this upcoming week, but it's not Knit Night).