Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's That? A Finished Knitting Project?!

Along with all of the activities I've been busy with lately,  I've been knitting....alot.   


I'm shocked myself.   I can't believe how many projects I've been getting finished lately. Ok its not a TON but its a lot for me.   

First up we have Pogona...It hasn't been blocked yet so its not a beautiful as it could be.  While I'm not new at knitting,  blocking isn't my most favorite thing to do yet nor is it easy for me.    

Sorry for the crappy pic.   I used this cool yarn that I got at the Homespun Yarn Party in Maryland this past spring.  Its the Philadelphia Eagles colors. 

Next up is my Color Affection.   This one I tried to block but my blocking mats weren't big enough and I just don't think I pinned it out correctly.

Again crappy pic...  sorry.

Ok well its not a lot but two finished projects in a short (for me) amount of time!  I'm super excited.   I have a few more projects on the needles that are almost finished,  I'll save those pics for another time.  

Besides I have another problem.....

That is one of my KnitPicks Harmony interchangeable needles.   Its at least the 4th one that has been broken and I'm sick of it.    I'm currently in the market for better needles...preferably something that won't break, has smooth joins and are interchangeable.   

Any suggestions???

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  1. Knitpicks will replace broken needles, btw. I have had broken ones before. They replaced them all, just give them a call. I don't think there's any other needles in the same price range. Better are the addi clicks, I've heard. But pricy... :(

    GREAT FO'S! I love the Eagles colorway!